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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Jun 14, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    Teabaggers living in a false Universe and they are CLUELESS. Dow going higher and they sit out.

    To hear a teabagger say it, America is over and OB will impeached in just weeks. They buy gold and tell their friends that they have secret information that only they know.
    But of course they say this as the Dow goes higher.
    A more stupid group the nation has never seen.
    WAHH WAHHH WAHHHHHH--I want my country back.

    You rightwing clowns are funny.
    Meantime America has an oil boom going on.
    It has the Dow going to new Highs.
    OB killed off Osama.
    He is bombing the krrrappp out of the Islamic terrorists.
    Yet--they see him as weak.
    Could it be he is Black and that is what the KKK thumbsuckes do not like?
    When they get done pushing the Repub party more to the right, they will assure the Dems dominate in DC for the next 30 years.
    If sheet was brains, they would all be freaaaaking Einsteins.
    Funny thing is when they talk to we Libs in person, we all shake our heads agreeing with them because we do not want to fight with teaaabagging inbreds because it is like talking to a wall.
    The look of shock on their faces when Romney lost was so so funny.
    So here we are, they are all tuned into Fuxeeed up News where Fuxed says OB has committed high crimes. They are watching in hope they can impeach him.
    Kind of reminds me when Fuxed up News said Obamacare was impossible to pass into law and then it passed. Or like when Fuxed said the supreme court would rule the law unconstitutional and then the law was said to be OK by the courts.
    When they clowns talk to Jesus asking him to remove OB, they are told by the LORD to eat sheeeeet and die because last time I looked, OB is still there.
    Get a life and go long Intel you LOOOOOOOOOSERS!
    Intel to 40 this year.

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