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  • khitchdee khitchdee Jun 25, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    BYOD Enterprise trending forward

    Per WSJ, CIOs are approving people bringing their own devices to work. This will serve to accelerate the global shift from traditional PCs to low cost options. The enterprise has always been a stronghold for the en-masse sale of Intel based PCs. Seems like even here people are for simple.

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    • Read the article on AnandTech: "Ask AnandTech: Tablets at Work, What are Your Experiences?"

      A very interesting piece by Anand Shimpi. He asks his readers to comment on their experiences and opinions on using tablets at work. Most of the comments seem to indicate that the tablet is not an ideal form-factor at work. If used it would have to be docked and used with external monitor/keyboard/mouse. Others talk about using tablets when it is part of a hybrid form-factor. The Surface Pro was mentioned quite often. I also got the sense that most prefer to use Windows 8 in the work environment. Also, quite a bit of readers mentioned that have been waiting on Haswell.

    • It might be good for checking emails, hardly for serious Excel, Word, Programing, image processing, circuit engineering and the list go on and on.
      heck even a paid shill would prefers a PC to post his bs. lol, right khitch?!

      Surface Pro is a different story, but then again the screen size is way too small to be productive.

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