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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Jul 4, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    SA removes awful anti-Intel post

    There was a post on Seeking Alpha a few days ago known as "Going for Intel may not be smart, for now" which was pure garbage. It was written by a young Asian woman with her daughter in her profile pic. It was pro ARM and very negative on Intel. She made the claim that Apple may go full ARM in the near future, and that the CEO for the last 30 years just stepped down.

    It was such a horrific piece of garbage that she was called out almost instantly by legions of Intel fans who took issue with nearly everything she said. Well, as it turns out, even Seeking Alpha has standards and this mindless dribble was too far below their standards that it was yanked. The post was put up on July 2nd, and removed by July 4th.

    Say what you want about my boy Ashraf Eassa , his stuff doesn't get yanked. It's okay to take aim at Intel, but as time goes on you're taking a minority opinion. Call it wrong, or use a little of the BS platform that Warren East made famous and you can look foolish. Its one thing to come on to a chatboard with a handle and spout off nonsense. When you put your name and face to it on Seeking Alpha you can't get away with it

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    • jamulmike • Jul 1, 2013 11:52 AM

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      22nm Haswell? Snore. It's 14nm Skylake time!!!. FinFET, too!!!!

      Microsoft says it's picking up the pace on software.
      The 20th rollout of every 2-3 years gone. Look for 1 year or less from now on.
      Bless the Mobile guys and their history repeating innovations.
      These are truly, truly...
      Very exciting times!!!!
      Cymer times!!!!!!!

      Haswell is pretty sweet, but it's old news. Say hello to Skylake - the "tock" that follows Broadwell:
      The details on this core are still scarce, but we know the following:

      Built on the 14nm process (so that gives the chip designers a lot more room to play with on both power and transistor count)
      Utilizes next generation DDR4 memory
      Supports the next generation PCIe4 standard (the AMD (AMD) bulls/Nvidia (NVDA) bears that claim that Intel is killing PCIe look pretty foolish right now)
      Supports the AVX3.2 instruction set
      Now, the last part is pretty important because we know that AVX3 brings yet another doubling of the peak floating point throughput for the processor cores:

      This suggests that for anything involving floating point intensive calculations (think games, spreadsheets, 3D modeling, and even all of the perceptual computing stuff that Intel keeps touting), and assuming Intel's software developer relations team does its job right, Skylake should be a monster. Now, the interesting thing is that Intel is going to be packing this kind of processing power into Ultrabooks and high end tablets. Less

    • The worst post I ever saw was your profile pic on S.A. with Jesus Christ giving the middle finger. Tasteless.........and disgusting.

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      • Well, I have a great idea. Why don't we dig up the worst 20 things I've ever said or done on here, and I'll have Wallis dig up the worst 20 things you've ever said and done here. Since you are such an outstanding Christian I will sit down with you in front of your minister, priest, or whatever man of the cloth you go to and let him sort it all out for us. I am serious, I will fly in to your town and just let him see what you've been up to online. I'm sure he's got no idea. I love the fact you fake up Christian moral outrage when it's convenient and otherwise act like a person you would never own up to in reality. Please don't play the morality card, you're playing with an empty hand.

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