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    And Once Again Short Disappointment Is Palpable

    An impressive fade by the short crowd today. Or maybe a couple of smart ones finally figured out that this is a good time to cover.

    Death knell sounding for Microsoft's Windows RT

    The death knell is sounding for Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows RT operating system. But will the Redmond, Wash.-based software company give up or keep performing CPR on it?

    Launched eight months ago with Microsoft's Surface tablets, Windows RT was touted as the first version of Windows written to run on low-power ARM (ARMH)-based processors. However, Windows RT can only run specially written programs, so software made for Windows PCs is not compatible with it. And the number of Windows RT software apps remains limited.

    Intel (INTC) has since launched its "Clover Trail" Atom system-on-a-chip, which can provide battery life comparable to that of ARM chips. And Clover Trail chips can power tablets running full versions of Windows, making Windows RT irrelevant. Later this year, Intel will launch its "Bay Trail" Atom chips, which promise even better performance and battery life.

    Now, Nokia (NOK) reportedly has canceled plans to come out with a Windows RT tablet, opting to make a full Windows tablet instead, the Verge reported Tuesday. Nokia has been a die-hard supporter of Microsoft's mobile software, going all in on Windows Phone for its smartphones. So if it is bailing on Windows RT, the future can't be too bright for the fledgling operating system.

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