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  • bjaythebear bjaythebear Jul 10, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    The regular garbage PC sales Gartner report is out.

    This is the same report that they put out days before the Intel earnings release last quarter. Also expect a very IDC report soon and a parade of negative analyst reports after that which is based on this research. Does this script sound familiar? It should it was exactly what we saw right before earnings last quarter. Computer sales were not as bad as they forecasted but nobody seems to question them.

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    • Why would traditional desktop and notebooks sales have improved? Many PC buyers refuse to buy the Win8 disaster. Microsoft doesn't release 8.1 until August.

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      • Well there are always Win7 machine you can get even if you don't want Win8. Corporations are slower moving then the home buyer. I work for a large org and we are still migrating off WinXP and onto Win7. I don't see us on Win8 anytime soon. Win7 is still available. Buy and large, corporations still buy PC's in large numbers. I think a bad economy over the past year has made PC sales look worse then they actually are. Many orgs like ours put off purchases as the economy soured so this was at least as much an economic event as it was a structural PC sales event. Now our org is buying desktop computers with a vengeance. With the economy improving I expect PC sales to perk up. The problem with the analysts they have fooled themselves and others into believing that it is mostly a structural shift from PC to portable devices and that may be true to some degree but I think the shift is pretty exaggerated. Our org is buying portable devices for field staff when we didn't at all before but we are still equipping staff with regular desktop PC's.

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