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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jul 14, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    What We know Now: Game of Thrones Edition

    Well, first ARM heard that Intel was building an army and was coming for them. In response to which the ARM commanders scoffed, laughed and pointed to their mighty 40nm walls and said, "No one is getting over our mighty walls. No one!" And besides we already have plans to sack your Server cites and level your PC towns.

    Then the ARM commanders went to the pubs, had a big old time and didn't think about Intel again until they heard that the Intel fleet had set sail. At which time they again scoffed and laughed saying that Intel had never built a power efficient tank or other weapon of mass destruction and that Intel villages would soon be burned to the ground by their new RT attack group and re-built from the ground up by the later arriving ARM 64-Bit Server Force.

    And they dismissed out of hand the new rumors of Intel's development of the FinFET technology Armageddon doomsday device as something they could easily match and eclipse by improved design of their existing weapons. And then the ARM commanders went back to the pubs, had another big old time and didn't think about Intel again until they heard that the Intel invasion fleet had landed on the shores of not one but many countries and had established beachheads on numerous coastal hotspots.

    The ARM commanders then began to urge faster construction of their new 20nm and 16nm half-height walls only to discover that both projects had been seriously delayed with no firm completion dates.

    Further reports indicated that Intel had built a pipeline to all of its beachheads and was putting more and better weapons of mass destruction through the pipeline in waves. This was accompanied by reports that the RT attack group had been vaporized in its first action.

    The top ARM commander then packed his bags, loaded up his gold and retired to his palatial country estate.

    Earlier this week, the (remaining) ARM commanders awoke to find Intel camped just outside the city walls.

    To be continued...

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