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  • maximum_probability maximum_probability Jul 26, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    What is those 2 days now 87 mil shares after hours action?

    Any idea how we can find out exactly what this is behind those back to back ~90 mil shares last 2 days? They do appear also in the adjusted total volume of the day making last 2 days something like 115 and 110 mil volume respectively where the usual is 30-40mil but of course past 2 days were not news rich to justify such volume total, it was simply added as if it was a "gentlemen's" outside market exchange (not a furious aftermarket activity between many different people etc) . This implies the numbers are legitimate volume activity that contributed/registered to the database volume of the stock chart but they didnt happen under normal market intraday or even afterhours action (its a "made up" volume without fluctuation history as if at fixed price changing hands) so it is as if they (transactions) were intended to occur without affecting stock price momentum intraday. This means its likely legitimate not some error but what/why such "advantage" over say someone rich and independent that might have wanted to buy 180 mil shares of intel that if he decided to do that in the real market during the market session hours the stock would jump to 29-30 from 22.6-23.2 in 48 hours if you tried it to buy it little by little in only 2 sessions lol (14 mil /hour imagine that pressure!)

    The question is what kind of deals are those and why are they allowed that make it possible to change hands for such a huge position as basically 180 mil shares last 2 days without moving the stock price??? Is there something fishy going on here we need to study??? I may explain what i mean in a future post (eg 2 firms collusion A terror selling/shorting, B bargain picking after people panic sell more, ie corner the market and enforce panic trends during certain past sessions within last 2 months and then formalize the deal in 2 sessions outside market agreement) . Can we get any information about the last 2 days afterhours superactivity in terms of who it belongs to?

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    • it was simply added as if it was a "gentlemen's" outside market exchange (not a furious aftermarket activity between many different people etc)

      I am not financial wizard but looks like some "parties" made an agreement to sell and buy at a fixed price (which serves both parties).

      and the are obviously by passing the market mechanismn (supply and demand)
      maybe someone "collected/accumulated shares" and agreed to sell at "fixed" price
      Maybe alexander has some ideas

    • By the way just to be clear, i am not suggesting this particular action is fishy. I am only saying that i am interested in finding out what those outside market deals are like and who does them and how. The reason of course is that depending on what regulates these a potential collusion scheme can be now designed to exploit that capacity if 2 big players decide to play the market in synch during the day over say 2 months and then exchange shares outside market in only 2 days at prearranged levels+ other transactions we never know about elsewhere (profit splitting).

      You see if i want to sell a ton of shares and you want to buy them and we do it at the same time the stock wont move all that much during the day provided we send out orders at the same pace buy and sell more or less. But if one of us without the other decided to do that and the other stayed out the stock would crash easily 1-2 $ very fast with only a couple million sell orders in minutes, create panic and force others to sell also and then the other player enters to buy that avalanche at bargain levels, exploiting the inertia of the panicked traders. Then later those 2 big players can make an outside market transaction at some agreed price and the rest can be done between the 2 outside the market and we never find out the plot of the 2 exploiting the trends either panic selling or greed panic buying melt up. Notice intel experienced past quarter 2 irrational processes. One the run to 26from 21.5 after mediocre earnings and then the drop real fast. Just saying...

    • The smart and big shorts are getting out. Petty shorts like Coinmaker will be the last ones.

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