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  • krackatoa krackatoa Aug 20, 2013 7:09 AM Flag

    tablets were made just to introduce the consumer to touchscreen

    Ultrabook convertibles are the future of mobile not tablets. 30"screen with an i7 desktop can't be beat

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    • Yeah right, people are going to be reaching up across their desk moving there hands 30 inches back and forth...

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      • You've never used a touchscreen laptop I'm positive. Or a 30" wqhd monitor. I could touch mine leaning forward with my nose, there's no "reaching"

        I'm typing. .. reach up, touch the link, way faster than fumbling from the keyboard to the mouse, finding the mouse location on screen and moving it to the link, button or text box.. lift, touch, done, back to typing. If you do that 100 times a day I bet you save 10 minutes productivity. Over a week, 50 minutes, a year. ..43 hours.

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    • This is so wrong its not even funny. Anybody with any sense knows that a good working PC should NOT have fingerprints and smudges all over its screen. Besides what functionality do you really need that you can't get with a touchpad or mouse? And there are clearly some things that a touchscreen does really BAD, like selecting text and copying and pasting. There is significantly less precision in a fingertip than using a pointing device. This whole hybrid nonsense is a figment of some geeks' imagination.

      Tablets are what they are. Don't go confusing the two. They will soon be ubiquitous. I am talking practically free. Access to tablet like info kiosks will make ownership redundant. Walk into a McD's and the tables will have them built in. People will still own them but in a variety of form factors, but they will be CHEAP. The idea that a hybrid laptop will replace them is ridiculous.

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      • "The idea that a hybrid laptop will replace them is ridiculous"

        Not sure I entirely agree with that statement. For some people, they would love the idea of buying 1 device that can be both their tablet and laptop. For example, a device like a HP Envy X2, or the upcoming Asus Transformer Book Trio, or the Dell XPS 11. These are great notebooks in the conventional sense, but can be turned into slim, slick tablets when needed. For people who prefer these types of devices, they are indeed replacing the tablets.

        Having said that, I don't see the tablet form-factor ever going away and I also agree with you that notebook and PCs with touchpad/mouse and keyboard are definitely not going away either. It's really about the "computing" market now evolving into different many form factors and "range" (in terms of performance) of products. There'll be simple tablets that one uses for reading and surfing the web. There'll be more powerful tablets for gaming. There'll be hybrids for students or people who need both. There'll be performance notebooks for the professionals. There'll be classic desktop computers (which, IMO is evolving to the 'All-in-One' computers) for the home office. And of course you can think of the smartphone as a computing device now too.

        The important thing to note if you are an Intel investor, is Intel competes in all of the above categories. Intel wasn't able to compete effectively last year with Clover Trail, in the tablet space. But things will change with Bay Trail, which WILL outperform current arm-based chips. Intel should gain a big share of the 7" tablets and mid-range type of products like a Nexus 10". The high-end, which is owned almost entirely by Intel (arm currently cannot compete in this space), will see big gains as both corporations and consumers alike decide to refresh their XP and windows 7 systems.

        Then next year, with multi-mode LTE, Intel will enter the smartphone market in earnest....

      • Great for silly time wasting games and decent apps. Fingerprints? You're out of your mind. Maybe as a desktop that's silly but they already have touch enabled function on your desk via projection. For clicking links and buttons its great. For precision no. Different tool for different jobs.

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