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  • jflaherty jflaherty Sep 12, 2013 1:01 AM Flag

    The #1 shorted stock... 248.6 million, up 3.5 from 8/15

    As of Shares Shorted Avg Daily Vol Days to cover
    8/30/2013 248,644,664 29,632,859 8.390843
    8/15/2013 245,156,166 28,868,140 8.492274
    7/31/2013 243,023,276 55,321,789 4.392903
    7/15/2013 242,863,145 34,612,481 7.016635
    6/28/2013 235,777,360 45,899,702 5.136795
    6/14/2013 229,596,305 40,417,975 5.680549
    5/31/2013 224,423,045 35,377,507 6.343665


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    • Intel is on the way to $32 in the next 12-18 months.Shorts will need to cover soon.Great company and great future.Time to buy is now!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Damn Yahoo. I spaced that out nice and clear... so much for formatting.

      I hope these short have to cover in the same month.
      I thought IDF might be more of a catalyst.
      I am now of the opinion that the Street will not give INTC any love until EPS shows growth.
      Road map does not matter.
      Process lead does not matter.
      Design wins don't matter.
      Taking virtually all the Adroid mobile EOMs doesn't matter.

      Don't get me wrong, they will matter AFTER we start to show some growth. But for now, they are just power point presentations.

      After we start to show EPS growth, then Wall Street will be full of geniuses who "have said all along" that INTC's process lead and road map were best of class and of course we recommend INTC as a "buy."

      I look forward to earnings on October 15th, but something inside says corporations are waiting for the new year, new budgets, and 14nm before refreshing. No doubt 2014 will be a great year.

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      • MSFT is covering it's short position as we speak. Their stock is going up every day and short position is decreasing. Look for INTC to follow suit right after MSFT launch of Windows 8.1. Shaping up to be a really bad month for shorters.

      • IMO most cos. will use XP with a thin client to protect it from the outside world. Spending money on software or hardware really is low on the bang fer yer buck pole.

      • "I look forward to earnings on October 15th, but something inside says corporations are waiting for the new year, new budgets, and 14nm before refreshing."

        [They can't wait. XP end of life is April 8. They have to be actively planning for it now. 14nm isn't going to be available for anything but servers in that time frame. I doubt that they all will do it in the last three months. And a lot of companies like to spend all of their available CapEx before they lose it.

        Revenue improvements don't need to show up in Q3 results - they just need to show up in Q4 and full year guidance.

        That something inside that is talking to you is your inner Eeyore. IDF isn't even over and you are already complaining about the lack of results. This is the kind of irrational pessimism that you need to avoid expressing in public forums. I mean - if your goal is really to see the stock move up you have to be able to show a modicum of discipline. Give it a try and put Eeyore on mute.]

      • I don't think so. The Haswell ramp has just begun and now there's Bay Trail. Corporations have been waiting on Haswell and they are just now becoming available. Lenovo only today announced Haswell refresh for the Thinkpads. And today, Intel just released Bay Trail, making consumer-based systems available for the big holiday shopping season. I think we see BIG second half for Intel. and Bigger next year.

      • that's 350k shares per day - down from 500k (quoted by Alex) - looking at 1 month chart it seems shorts start hitting a brick wall - but continue to pile in.

        ".but something inside says corporations are waiting for the new year, new budgets, and 14nm before refreshing"
        one of the drawbacks of an accelerated roadmap

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