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  • getanid16 getanid16 Sep 14, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    Marsavian did you say Intel has no resistant until 25.96 now?


    If so, I guess that can change if the market corrects and we go back into the 22's.

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    • "If so, I guess that can change if the market corrects and we go back into the 22's."

      [LOL. Shorts are now down to hoping for a market correction to save their cookies without a single traction issue. It's the end of days for Intel shorts. Not even a market correction will alter the dynamics now in play.]

    • No, there are at least three more fixed resistance points before then detailed below. What 25.91 is is the highest moving average resistance (768-769 week moving average) left in this stock and represents the last dynamic resistance above which upward movement becomes much easier.

      It can be considered the breakout resistance to the 30s.


      CURRENT PRICE 23.44, at resistance, 23.23 ± 0.26, type Double, strength 10

      +2.9% at 24.11 ± 0.27, type Triple+, strength 10
      +5% at 24.61 ± 0.27, type Single, strength 3
      +7.1% at 25.1 ± 0.28, type Single, strength 3

      -3.3% at 22.67 ± 0.25, type Double, strength 4
      -5.6% at 22.12 ± 0.24, type Single, strength 1
      -7.2% at 21.75 ± 0.24, type Triple, strength 10
      -9.3% at 21.25 ± 0.23, type Single, strength 3
      -10.8% at 20.9 ± 0.23, type Triple, strength 8
      -13.1% at 20.37 ± 0.22, type Single, strength 5

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      • Stock consultant also says .... that there are NO BULLISH INDICATORS. Hmmmmm.

        The double upgrade is news.

        The demonstration of a working 14nm Broadwell part was BIG news because it put the "14nm is delayed" rumors to bed and indicates that Intel 14nm is healthy enough to build a multibillion transistor part that works.

        "NEWS" distorts, if not invalidates" technical. The resistance and support levels still should carry some "strength" but I contend that their strength is diminished or increased depending on the news ....good vs bad.

        A summary of bullish and bearish indicators.

        BULLISH None
        BEARISH Probability - Intermediate trend bearish, Downtrend.
        Probability - 1 Day Price change extreme up, may pause/reverse
        Probability - Short term typical rally, rally may start to slow.
        Confirmation - Extreme bullish 1 day moneyflow, on an strong-extreme rally is considered bearish.
        Confirmation - at resistance

30.7399-0.8101(-2.57%)12:02 PMEDT