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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Oct 1, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    TSMC's 20nm is delayed. Head of R&D is out at TSMC. Wow!!

    He wouldn't have left if things were hunky dory at TSMC's R&D.

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    • When an insider walks out before the finale there are definate issues below surface which are difficult to navigate

    • dnenni Oct 2, 2013 3:24 AM Flag

      Not true. 20nm is ahead of schedule. 20nm is ramping now for revenue in 1H 2014. This comes not only from Jack Sun and Cliff Hou, but also from the fabless people including Bob Maines of Oracle, Brad Howe of Altera, VJ Janapaty of LIS Logic, and Esin Torfioglu of QCOM, Sandeep Bharathi of Xilinx.

    • Chiang retired again. He tried to retire in 2007 but Morris persuaded him to stay on by making him Co-Chairman. Things were not "hunky dory" , he missed his family. Maybe Morris can persuade him to say again.

      In August, "TSMC Slightly Reschedules Volume Production Using 20nm Process Technology to Early 2014."
      Is that the delay you are referring too?

      "Thus, it was only a logical matter of course for Chiang that, at the age of 60, he would tender his resignation, as of July 31 last year. But while Morris Chang approved Chiang's retirement, he found it difficult to let go of this renowned veteran of the semiconductor industry.

      "You're still young and in good health. Won't you find it hard to get used to retirement life?" Chang reportedly asked Chiang in a display of concern. And before Chiang could even answer, Chang went on to say emotionally, "I myself have never retired, so I can't give you a response."

      Chiang gave in when looking at his white-haired senior, who belying his age was still working untiringly at the helm of TSMC. Suddenly, his retirement seemed somewhat premature.

      Consequently, Chiang decided to accept Chang's suggestion to serve as chairman of the boards of directors at TSMC-invested VisEra and Xintec.

      "I didn't expect this to happen at all back then when I retired," says Chiang as he recalls this unexpected turn in his personal life, his tone betraying admiration for Chang's circumspection.

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