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  • markmaganis markmaganis Oct 16, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    How does Intel's 22nm process compare to TSMC's 20nm? Anyone?

    Just curious. What if Intel does foundry on n-1 node process for select partners. This would minimize the 'enable our competitors' scenario.

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    • resu0ouf Oct 17, 2013 1:12 AM Flag

      20nm is cutting edge for TSMC.
      22nm is old technology for Intel.

      That's about the difference.

    • There is an interesting article by Ed McKernan "The Battle Inside Intel".


      The above scenario I outlined assumes that inside of Intel there is a battle being pitched amongst the product groups and the Foundry. Clearly the Foundry wants to raise its visibility and Andy Bryant, the Chairman of Intel, architected the Fab footprint while working originally under Paul Otellini. Six months before Otellini resigned, Bryant was uncharacteristically placed above his former boss while the Board wrestled with Intel's proper place in mobile relative the Fabs, especially after turning down the opportunity to build Apple's ARM (ARMH) based processors. My sense is that he and Krzanich want to unlock the value of the fabs, however, a process had to be put into play for the hierarchy inside Intel to be reset and make Foundry the third leg of the stool.

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