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  • ruipeirara ruipeirara Oct 19, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

    ashraf.eassa, you want to associate yourself with the low-life dnenni????


    dnenni is a low-life and he just played you. How the heck did he convince you to write for him????

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Ashraf, lets hear from you....what do you have to say in response to your friend's new set of lies?

    • Ashraf, look at your buddy pimping his site...and you want to associate yourself with this low-life #$%$?

    • nenni......Ashraf and I also converse privately, he's a very respectful and intelligent young man.

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      • "nenni......Ashraf and I also converse privately, he's a very respectful and intelligent young man."

        [Which makes it even more incredible that he would be so naive as to not understand the dire consequences of getting in bed with a character as unsavory as Nenni.]

        Unsavory - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...
        b : disagreeable, distasteful ; especially : morally offensive ....

    • Another comment from wallisweaver to Ashraf:
      "This is extremely upsetting as it appears that Nenni has corrupted your journalistic integrity from the very beginning. What a really, really bad idea to start you posting on Nenni's site with an article on TSMC. This has a terrible smell to it to begin with. But an article that says everything is going to be great with TSMC for years is not a fair or equitable piece of journalism.

      So, you have begun your association with Nenni with both the appearance and actuality of having your journalistic integrity compromised. Having vaporized a large sense of the trust that people have had in your writing, it is difficult to suggest a solution or to just set these issues aside. Renouncing any association with Nenni and his website is the only step that makes any sense to me. Nothing less is going to clear the air for me"

    • from wallisweaver concerning ashraf:

      "Well, he doesn't appear to be doing that anymore. His eyes are as glazed over as any ARM fanboi. And he has confirmed this by going to stand next to Nenni who journalistic bias is as great as anyone's in the industry.

      So much for journalistic integrity. Color me horribly, extravagantly disappointed. I can't imagine what this will do to his credibility and reputation. I noted that there were 3 comments on his TSMC article but you couldn't get to them. Nenni is probably going to need to exert some editorial control over the comments to his article."

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      • dnenni Oct 20, 2013 12:54 AM Flag

        Actually there are 8 comments thus far and here is the best one:

        Whoa, Ashraf! Here?
        I'm sorry about the nastiness over at Yahoo. Do you not rate the Imagination/MIPS threat to ARM?

        This one is pretty good too:

        No offense Dan but this is the least biased article I have read on TSMC. Very nice work. I also enjoyed the Mentor and Synopsys articles. Please continue.

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