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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 5, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    ObamaCare is HAMMERING Middle Class Taxpayers


    They cancelled my policy and they're telling me I have to sign up for an ObamaCare policy that will cost TRIPPLE what I was paying 3 years ago (before the first mandates of Obamacare were implemented).

    A friend of mine who sits on his butt all day is getting an Obamacare "gold" policy for 1/4 the price of what they want to charge me for my "bronze" policy.

    I'm working 2 JOBS, and they want me to pay for MY policy...

    ... and 2/3 of HIS policy TOO!

    This is INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Sick guy

    • So you have a job spamming the message boards for the Republican teaparty and the GOP does not give you health insurance?
      Get a real job you loser.

    • I went to my doctor yesterday for a flu shot and he commented on how distorted the policy cancellation information is that is being spread everywhere. He said the vast majority of policies being cancelled are the $79 policies that offer little or nothing anyway. They are being cancelled because they don't meet benchmarks for any kind of basic coverage.

      The only way you are going to be paying triple is if you had one of these totally junk policies and you are now making a lot of money and therefore don't qualify for some type of subsidy.

      So, provide us enough information to make sure that what you are telling us is real and not part of some political misinformation campaign.

      What company did you get your prior policy from and how much were you paying?

      What was the deductible and what did it cover?

      What is your current income?

      What is the income of your friend and what is the source?

      • 3 Replies to wallisweaver
      • Wallis--Help me out here. Who was it who said (over and over) "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period"? Obviously, what was really meant was if WE like your plan you can keep it. Will the next step be, "If WE like your car you can keep it?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • WW is lying. Does anyone go to their doctor for a flu shot, when you can get one at CVS or Walgreens in 1/10 the time and probably less cost? No doctor would comment on Obummercare in their office- it is way too political. They would especially not do that yesterday after the article in the WSJ about the insurance company that had spent $1.2 million on a cancer patient but was leaving the CA market because of Obummercare. This poor woman will probably die because of Obummercare and the doctor would look extremely uncaring. Read the article.

        I noticed that the political noise on this board has dropped since the Democrats are in trouble instead of the Republicans. WW must be really desperate to try to defend them. There is no way to defend that lying, heartless SOB Obummer nor the rest of the Democrat party after what they have done with our healthcare industry.

        For all of you who have corporate, union or other group healthcare: they will be coming after you next year. Maybe you should care a little more about the people in the private insurance market now.

        I will be on Medicare next year. Obummer intends to raid that for $600 Billion to fund Obummercare. He claims they can save that much money. You know how he will do that- denial of service and Death Boards. I can fund my own health care if I need to- how about your parents?

      • The following ID's are part of an organized politicol misinformation campaign and should be investigated by..........

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