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  • marsavian marsavian Nov 10, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    Qualcomm's Modem Workshop - Lots of Comparisons


    Is Qualcomm comparing like for like LTE spec here ?

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    • That makes my head ache.

      "the comparison looked at power consumption on a system level the battery terminals"
      Without doing some work to understand what all the LTE specs are, it looks to me like they are measuring the system power of a 10" tablet against what appears to be a QCOM device and not isolating and comparing the two LTE subsystems.

      It also makes me suspicious when they measure one competitor on one test and another competitor on the second LTE test.

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      • Why would anyone call analysts together to claim such pathetic performance advantage on self picked benchmarks. Why demonstrate that setting up a LTE voice call has more latency then e 10 year old 2G calls?
        Also Intel has Cat 4 coming this month which will bring it up to QCOM speeds and Advanced LTE in the next 6 months.
        A lot of people keep saying Intel can't catch up until they integrate the modem with their APU.
        QCOM in their CC seems to be saying the market is going the other way.
        They also said that a change in that direction depended on the success of new products in 2H of next year.
        In other words the integrated Sanpdragons are to expensive. People are buying other AP's buying their standalone modems.
        QCOM is racing to design cheaper solutions.
        Also don't expect new products until 2h next year
        If Intel ever had a report and call like QCOM they would have been down more than 10%

      • They are also comparing an Intel 10" tablet against a Qcom 5" phone and the only differences in LTE use are 10s of mW ? Did they really want to point this out ?! LOL

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