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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Dec 9, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    Intel is Saving Microsoft's Bacon in Mobility

    Look for more traction with Microsoft going forward.

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    • I'll believe it when it happens, not before.

    • Intel and Microsoft today have a great opportunity to leap ahead in tablets and smartphones and deliver unprecedented innovation and value to businesses and consumers if the two companies can effectively work toward a common goal. Intel is doing most of the heavy lifting right now. Microsoft helped with aggressive pricing for Windows and Office for tablets, but Microsoft needs to do more and they need to officially End-Of-Life RT.

    • And with Android.

      This entire thing made me giggle. Microsoft couldn't wait to get into bed with ARM. Kinda like coming home to the wife who announces she wants an open marriage. The first thing she does is hook up with the pool boy. And after a few months she discovers that he's a grifter and impotent. Meanwhile the husband hooks up with Charlize Theron. The wife kicks the poolboy to the curb and yet the husband is off to Santa Barbra every few weekend with Charlize.

      Hooking up with ARM was a lose-win strategy for Microsoft.

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      • MSFT "hooked-up" with ARM because Intel had nothing to offer in mobile, and at that point MSFT was going to make it clear to ALL partners and suppliers that MSFT would do what was necessary to move forward after MSFT missed mobile, due partly to MSFT's own shortsightedness, and also due to lack of innovation on the part of longstanding hardware partners - HP, Dell, Intel - partners, like MSFT, who had grown all too comfortable selling high margin but unimaginative and stodgy products.

        Apple cleaned up in mobile because Apple designed and produced the software, and hardware, including the chip. MSFT does not do chips, and only does hardware when it has to.

        MSFT will now do hardware (Nokia devices, Xbox), and will not rely solely on Intel for chips, or rely exclusively on any other partner. MSFT would prefer to only do software, but has now made it clear it will do hardware, and multiple suppliers for chips, if necessary, to go where MSFT believes it needs to go.

        If Intel plays ball with MSFT, MSFT is only too happy to play ball with Intel.

        At this point, I think both MSFT and Intel see the need to play nice together. I think Intel engineers and MSFT/Nokia engineers are hard at work tailoring their respective future products to work together. I think by the end of 2014 people will see WINTEL as a growing behemoth in mobile, and by the end of 2015 WINTEL will own a huge chunk of global mobile, with mobile devices everywhere from Manhatten to Mumbai to Manilla and everywhere in between. There are a lot of people out there in emerging markets for whom a mobile device will literally be a life-changing purchase, and WINTEL will deliver that device.

        Most people don't realize how many phones/devices the Nokia manufacturing base can produce. The Nokia production capacity can produce phones in quantities that almost match Intel's capacity to produce 14nm chips....interesting confluence of the way, MSFT can easily produce millions of copies of W8...

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