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  • ekurich ekurich Oct 28, 1997 2:46 PM Flag

    I told you so.

    I hope that this rebound of over $10 of INTC teaches a lesson to the market timers in this thread. You cannot time the market. The short guys can make fun on the long-term investors on the down draft. They can be sqeezed too. Sit tight for your solid
    portfolio with a long-term view. Stay with the household name stock like INTC. I think the dust will be settled by the end of this week. People is going to discover that the settlement between INTC and DEC is going to benefit these two companies significantly.

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    • IBM certainly had big un's. Intel will also have the same.
      One never get fire for buying IBM analogy is getting apply to
      Intel. Will Intel follow IBM and become a leaner faster
      company? We should know in about 3 quarters.

      Here's something to think about in the meanwhile:


      Is Intel outperforming the market, its competitors?

    • You better believe it. And it would have been even better if they had done it BEFORE they started losing money faster than they could print it.

    • >

      Found this jew on on of the SI thread. JAVA applets at work.
      Type INTC and decrease to 1 minute ticks. Should give you
      the last few minutes and after market trades in INTC.

      Layoffs...well it did wonder for IBM after a few quarters.

    • Ooooh!!! I LIKE companies that have layoffs. Shows that they have... large round objects. Will do what is necessary to beat the... bodily excretions, out of their competitors.

    • dfrusso:

      Sorry had you confused with Ekurich.

      Well, if there's a better investment BB than SI, I like to
      hear about it. Yahoo doesn't leave any room for errors.
      No editing, no search, no hot topics, no...well alot of NO's.
      Give it time...perhaps the developers will work it out.
      Give them $$$ incentives and IT WILL BE IMPROVE.
      Unfortuantly, this is one where the $$$ is spent before
      money is collected. Nobody is going to pay for this type
      of a BB.

      Just read a post on SI concerning Intel's #9 fab being
      downsize. IF this is news couple with the TX fab delay
      it could make for a very interesting quarter.

      Can you said "layoffs"? Would it be the first for Intel?

    • Didn't say I liked this better. Didn't say I liked this at all. Except for one or two or three individuals, I find most of this discourse less than.... edifying.

      I didn't say Intel'd be at 110 by Dec 31, 1997. I responded to Ekurich who made that prediction. And I expressed wonderment at the prediction. And I asked for support of the opinion. Much as I'd like to think it, I am... skeptical of Intel at 110 by Dec 31, 1997.

      If you review this entire thread, you'll find that I make no predictions in the short-term at all, and am quite hazy about the long-term. You see, my crystal ball has been on the blink...

    • Dfrusso,

      I don't believe you.

      How can you said Yahoo BB is better than SI?

      You must be kiddin'! Just like the $110 price for Intel
      on 12/31/97. Get real! I hope your investment decisions
      are better than your observations concerning investment BB!

      Your credibility is really at risk. ROFL. SI is quantity
      as oppose to quality. Yeah right...keep on buying INTEL.
      If I go back on this thread you probably had buy rating
      all the way back when Intel was at $102 going to $110.

    • Yo...rabidmuncher,

      What's the point? I stay in touch with my brokers by an 800 number. Most brokerage house has one.

      BTW, stay in touch with the company thru 8.9 cents/min
      800 number when I'm on the road. Can you beat this?

    • Actually, Mike, I DID try out the site. Didn't like it. But the "quantity over quality" remark was a JOKE!!! GET A GRIP!!! LIFE IS SHORT!!!

    • dfrusso:

      quantity over quality.

      I seriously doubt that you tried SI? If you did and still
      believe your above statement is true...then you're blind.

      To all: Here's the Samsung story 700MHz Alpha vs what Intel
      bought 533MHz. Sure looks like Intel bought old tech with
      dumb money.


      Samsung has put buyers on allocation and will beat Intel
      to the market. Looks like Intel spent foolish hush money...
      but perhaps it's better than buying their stock back...
      at this point.

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