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  • MarketHawk MarketHawk Dec 13, 1997 9:32 AM Flag

    Market turmoil: Caculate, Asia is feedin

    Well time two put in my two cents. I am a long term investor with Intel. I feel that Intel's growth will mirror that of PCs. This just got cut to 13% yearly from 15%. In the long run I am sure that high power chips will rule. How about a Global Positoning System with a map of every city in the country in every new car. I feel sure that there are many things to come, beond the PC, that will need high end chips.

    In the short run we; the small investor, are not the ones that move this stock around. Go easy on Gersh. You should spend just as much time looking for the down side as the up side for a stock. Gersh is doing our homework for us. A am also sure that the computer industury will make it so that we "have to have" high end equiqment. Just in the same way that the Oil companies have us driving big gas eating cars.

    Hang Loose
    The Market Hawk

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