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  • ace_of_base_98 ace_of_base_98 Jan 30, 1998 10:23 AM Flag

    what's up with zebraxray..

    Fill me in on this, someone, please.

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    • Back in message 3579 (see reply to) I suggested that a price of 91 would be in order for INTC by mid-April. Looks like we got here early. Anyone think we could see 100 by end of March?

    • in quantities. AMD, Cyrix/NSM still are
      having capacity problems. If these yields improve, I'll be on
      the trigger.


    • I'm not Mike Liu-different Mike here. I'm working on a simplistic analytical tool for evaluating stocks and thought I'd respond to stormyshadow too. To test this tool I thought I would post predictions based on it and see how well (or poorly) they fit reality. Anyways, the current version suggests a price around 91 for Intel by mid-April.

      Mike A.

    • Seems like dell should be ripe for low-priced competitors; a lot of cheapies out there, and dell is expensive in corporate world.

      question: even though 'short' seems plausible, is dell stock momentum too much for now? seems like the old 'more buyers than sellers' is in effect now.

      note: asking here, as dell board is busy trashing each other and not talking about stocks. plus, people who now intc probably dell.


    • well I am glad you are a market genius. However I am not losing money in the market and I never trade all options at one time. Only a fool would do that or even assume that someone is doing that. The facts are I retired from the corporate world at the ripe age of 39 and now make my income on my investments. Something you probably only wish you could do.

      Mike-what are your thoughts on INTEL now?

    • gersh-the correct spelling of "strckly" is strictly-since the "k" and the "t" are so far apart on the keyboard I didn't think it was a typo. I wouldn't want your college kids to be misled by your spelling. If you are regularly trading all those things then you are losing money on average. Too many to think about. It's a gambler who has to bet every game. Force yourself to pick one trade. see if you get it right.

    • Not in PA. But close. Never looked at your web page either. I use both TA and FA to trade with. I donot feel an urge to slam the stocks I short nor do I feel the urge to promote my longs. I also have no need to boast of my sucesses. INTEL, MSFT and WMT are putting two of my kids through college strickly off of the gains made in each of these stocks both long and short. I trade options also - currency, commodities, stocks and indexes.

    • And I also remain flexible to change with the market in order to take advantage of current movements.

      One of the changes in outlooks that I've been undertaking has been to look at stocks in more of a TA light rather than a FA light. After all, playing the options market forces me to view stocks on a moment to moment basis rather than a long term outlook. You may have noted on several recent posts that I owned calls on INTC for the sake of turning a profit. Pleased to see that you have had the nerve to short it at times.

      I think that you may have been in error about my percentages.

      As for entertainment .. on Dec. 19 I placed on my web page a copy of my etrade game portfolio. After seven hours I deleted
      the html file from the sight. During the time that it existed the page was hit 169 times. After it was deleted another 328
      attempts were made to view the location. It was intresting to note the many countries that the hits came from and locations from
      within the US. I was surprised to see the hits that came from governmental (US) accounts. I just wanted to see who was
      watching<g>. Are you one of those folks in PA?

      Any way .. back to the game


    • To time my next trade...what's yours?

    • Mike:

      What is your purpose for posting on this thread?

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