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  • norman71 norman71 Feb 7, 1998 10:07 PM Flag

    Make lots of $$money$$

    Check out baat. Going up again!!

    They designed a Pulse Charge engine that was installed in a Geo Metro and was tested on January 16, 1998. The car with their engine got 92 mpg while the stock Metro got 49 mpg. BAAT's engine was blowing some oil, but after determining that it would not damage the engine, ran the test. They are going to retest on February 10, 1998 with all major car manufacturers present again.

    Look what happened after the Jan 16 test--within two weeks the stock price went from ~$0.28 per share to a high of $3.25 per share. Currently at $1.625 per share.

    After the retest on Feb 10, the stock should reach $6 per share. Quadruple your money quickly!!

    Check it out before Feb 10!!!

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    • the DOJ will start looking like they do at msft. amd ain't been anything but a help. forcing old line prices lower has only helped build the market faster than anyone anticipated. Intel is the general motors of the early 50's. The stock will triple to quadruple during the next 18-24 months. The chart is wonderful!!

    • If amd runs out of cash.What will happen to intc stock!!

    • Ride it out. INTC will top in the near future and provide you with some gains. Sell before next quarterly report. Learn to do your own analysis and stay away from brokers. If they new anything about stocks thry would not be amking a living off of commissions. They would be making their money from investing for themselves.

    • Norman71, what is it about the words "THIS IS THE INTEL CORP. MESSAGE BOARD" that you do not understand?

      Check out Message #1 for a helpful clue as to what this board is all about. It will be an enlightening experience for you.

    • Dear AndyJJ,
      Buying a quality stock like Intel is not so a matter of timing. You may as well buy for the long term and never regretit. Just hold on to the stocks. Be aware that a quality stock should be hold for 3 to 6 years. Speculative once are high risk and you should be in and out. For Intel just stay in for as long as you do not need the money. The best is to buy on low days, but who can predict those temporary drops, not me, not a brocker!

    • Hopefully, we will hit $90.00 this week! Stock is still selling at
      a low PE.

    • What are the parameters of the test? What independent laboratory ran the test? Is this an EPA facility or the BAAT testing ground?

    • This is an INTC INTC INTC board. Go start a BAAT BAAT BAAT board somewhere and leave this to CPU semi-conductors PLEASE. Thank You
      BESIDES , NO ONE SHOULD INVEST MONEY WITH A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT SOLD A SINGLE UNIT OF PRODUCT AND IS ON THE EDGE OF PHYSICS. Why don't you buy all the shares cheap and come back here in 6 months and tell us how rich you are.

    • If you believe in the internet and it's marriage to PC,s, then you gotta like the prospects for the high speed connections now being introduced by cables and telcos. I like UMG - they're without a doubt the cable leader in merging high speed data with video. I think telco's ADSL will also be a winner. USW already deploying. What do you all think?

    • First, all stockbrokers must eat...therefore they will sell you anything. I also own Intel and when you think about it, you
      can't lose. Almost any brand of pc you buy has Intel inside right? Intel is and will always be the chip leader just as Microsoft
      is the software king. I believe that INTC will be in the low to mid 100's this year because of the demand of the pc and server
      market. Hang on to that stock. In the long run you won't regret it. Advice...Do your own stock research and buy what you believe in.
      It works almost every time. Save some money and buy Dell, Microsoft and Compaq.


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