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  • Lola_7320 Lola_7320 Feb 26, 1998 12:08 PM Flag

    When will show Intel Corp. the earnings?

    At the moment I am little bit worry about Intel Corp...why
    Intel is not moving to 100$ or the all-time-high? MSFT, AOL or Dell are more expensive (PE) and have already alltime-highs...
    At which price you see Intel in one month and in two months?
    Thank you for your thoughts...

    I have good pick for you: CHSE

    Ok, greetings from Switzerland


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    • Absolutely untrue, Dell has always refused non-Intel chips. It is very unlikely they would change this stance without a more compelling reason than the K6.
      Intel tends to underclock their chips, consequently they tend to run cooler than Cyrix's or AMD's. The .25 micron chips(K6 266, PII 333) from each company are very cool, as the clock cycles go up I am sure they will heat up too.

    • AMD striking a deal with DELL is a flat out lie. I don't know where you get/make up info like that from.

      The price wars are going to hurt all of the chip makers. Intel has the most to loose because they have the highest market
      share. AMD cutting prices to gain market share will allow them to brag that they did indeed gain market share yet still lost money.
      The consumer is the only one winning out. It won't be until someone puts out a chip that blows the others away that forces
      someone to choose not based on price. Intel hopes Merced will do this - AMD hopes there Slot A will do it. Time will prove who's

      As another aside - I bought a new processor and when I bought the heatsink/fan I noticed something. The Cyrix and AMD fans were *MUCH* bigger than the Intel fans. Bigger in surface area AND height. I thought it was the Intel chips that had cooling problems.... ????

    • i KNOW MOST OF YOU KNOW THAT amd IS PUMPING UP THE K6 IMAGE BY STIPULATING THAT computers who use our MP display that fact in their ads. They already know how the ad will run, but they are interested in any ideas that you may have. e-mail them at If they use youtr idea, Ithink that they are offering some stock. A major announcement is on the way.

      I am sending this entire message to intc, cpq, MS, Sunmicro and others.

      reprinted from message 2169:
      Oh, and here is one for your boys at INTC, AMD is currently in the process of a new marketing campaign. No one is talking about it, but AMD is striking a deal with CPQ, Dell and others to mention that the AMDk6 is protecting your memory. Kind of like the old "bing, bing, bing" "intel inside" dub overs at the end of computer commercials.
      This should pump up brand awareness, they say. I think they are right and am excited about it.
      I think I will post this message over at INTC

    • You are not an idiot after all. What you are saying is exactly what I was talking about. It's all about making money. Hell,
      I don't give a shit if they lay off your father or family, as long as my investment is going to make me money is all that
      matters. So, don't cry if you did not make enough money. There are plenty of other places to invest and make money. Answering another
      post, I predict that intc will not dip below 70 , but it will not go above 80 for some time. The news over the weekend obviously
      had an adverse impact on intc, amd, dell, Ms, et al. It should level out, with amd gaining the most. Please read my next message
      whcih will talk about a new ad campaign for amd. at 6431

    • Nobody can predict that.

    • I agree thaintel will hit 65 or so in the next 3 months then the up trend will continue after earnings are adjusted and then move up. We will see$100 in the summer of 99 then 200 in 2000 Then another bad year then more good ones.

    • I wasn't expecting any more projections than you had already posted.

      What I've been really excited about with your posts has been the METHOD. What you have posted, I believe, may be a method that is very simular to some of the processes that institutional investers may use. This helps me to gain some insight into the factors that make up the supply/demmand pressures on the stock.

      Re: oversupply of stock

      Check out the action with CPQ then look at INTC. This action with INTC shows the result of oversuply of stock.

      Buy on dip people are getting their fingers burned over and over again. Tuesday could be pretty bad for them. Soon they will catch buyers remorse.


    • Portfolio_maker:

      Make sure you read these two posts by Sector_Investor. These are really good!!


      Thanks for the stuff. It's real good info (and thought provoking too). I agree with your analysis. Actually, the foreign PC
      market is virtually exploding. Intel has formula to manufacture CPUs at a price to fit the $1000 PC very well. It is likely that it
      will dominate this market for some time to come. Additionally, the cheap PC market will spur an explosion in the U.S., and other
      1st world countries (with per capita incomes over $15,000 per year), since the PC investment represents less than 10 percent of
      their yearly income. Therefore, many in the U.S. will upgrade their existing systems to faster platforms. You ain't seen nothing

    • It appears that Wall Street and the analysts have traced INTC's problems directly to CPQ. A couple of weeks back I mentioned here that a writer in Barron's had noticed that CPQ had been selling its Accounts Receivable to prop up its fourth quarter earnings--the problem was neither the writer or others knew what what that really meant or what it portended--now we know.
      Apparently CPQ was filling its distribution networks to the seams--and it is going to take some time for that excess inventory to be reduced--and CPQ and INTC will take a hit for perhaps a quarter or two--this problem really depends on how quickly things can get back to a "normal" state.
      CPQ is noted for making mistakes--whether it was loading up on 486's in '94 just as INTC switched to the Pentium chip, or coming late to the BTO, or pushing the sub $1000 and not making money.
      CPQ has a hard time just sitting back and letting INTC take the lead--but financially I think they would be better off with letting INTC be the lead dog.

    • There are two kinds of market timing techniques IMO. The strong form aims to predict both what the price will be and when it will be there. Futuregekko practices this form.

      The weak form of market timing is predicting where the current trend in the market appears to be heading. The weak form of market timing doesn't give target dates, just target values. I try to practice the weak form. (I've tried to do what Futuregekko does, but gave it up after two years of failure).

      For example on Feb 3, INTC was in the 84 range and trending upwards. I posted a message in which I opined that INTC was "worth" 91, meaning that the current trend should lead to a point at which INTC would oscillate around a value of 91. I didn't say when this would happen, because I had no idea.

      After INTC rose to the 91 level, I even posted a message after it fell from 95 to 86 in which I likened INTC to a spring, and predicted that it would probably start moving up again (starting another cycle of oscillation around 91).

      Then INTC gave its earnings warning and everything changed. The 91 value is history. It was based on a model in which INTC's earnings were assumed to be flat. We now know that this assumption was wrong. In reality, INTC's earnings were declining even while the stock was rising during February.

      Right now, INTC has dissappointed the market (and me!) and history suggests that INTC stock will go down in the short run. Thus, we would expect the general trend to be down. So how far down might it go? I posted my prediction of 64, but I don't have a clue as to when, if ever, this price should materialize.

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