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  • dcx11 dcx11 Mar 4, 1998 3:25 PM Flag

    Intel Sees 1st-Qtr Revenues about 10% be

    I guess it serves all those horribly bullish bulls that there's more to the "Asian Contagion" than meets the eye. I don't think I even need to read through the INTC message board to hear the belligerent bulls. Every board where the stock has enjoyed a great run up is loaded with 'em - BBY, ADSK, AXP, etc. It's actually sickening...

    ... and I'm not even short! It's just the careless we-are-all-going-to-be-billionaires statements that is really annoying.

    What we need is a good bear market to get everyone to wake up and smell the coffee!


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    • I`d rather own yahoo ...right ha ha ha ha use your head

    • What is that mindless post
      supposed to mean.
      Get some care provided for

    • SHUT UP!!!! Now sell every single stock you own and go
      put it in your savings account. People who make comments
      like yours deserve to lose out on the profits that are made
      in this GREAT COUNTRY! Capitalizm rules! Why fight it?

      You can stay poor for the rest of your life, but I am going to be
      rich. Please, sell your INTC shares tomorrow on the low and
      I'll buy them from you.

      Take your doom and gloom and shove it!

      • 5 Replies to long_on_intel
      • 1)CapitaliSm is spelled with an s, not a z.
        2)dcx11 happens to be mostly right. Many on these boards think they can get rich overnight in the markets and do not want to listen to any negative news about the stock they own. As if wishing it to go up would make it so.
        3)You need to evaluate the good AND the bad if you are going to listen to other peoples opinions. If you only listen to the good, you will end up losing a bundle sooner or later.
        4)If you have never experienced a bear market wait, it will come around.
        5) I'm willing to bet you're young and new to the markets. How long, 2 years?

      • You will richer when this stock hit 70 tomorrow. Many computers has AMD chip in it because it is cheaper and one can hardly notice the difference. Wait until next year to get your money out to buy another stock.

      • ... just the kind that I mentioned should be shot! And no doubt the next few months will prove that to be the case. No doubt
        the bulls tended to ignore the ominous failed rally (that what this rally from 65 to 95 has been) in INTC. It never made it to
        its old highs at 100+. And of course, fundamentally, this sharp about-face by Intel management is not going to do this stock any
        good. How can management justify saying that Q1 revenues are going to be flat vs. Q4 (they said this on Jan 13/98) and now, just
        two months later, we're going to be down 10% vs Q4? Things are obviously far more serious than the recent rally in the stock
        market would have you believe.

        Incidentally, I sold INTC at 90 after the attempt at the old highs failed... and I don't think I'll be buying the dip tomorrow!


      • It won't be as bad as you think. Qualcomm warned that their
        earnings would be down 50% this next quarter, and their stock
        fell just 15%. I look for INTC to drop about $5. Then in another
        few months it will be pushing 90 again. People have a short
        memory and there is way too much money looking for a long-term
        position in Intel. People like me!

      • I rode the Adaptec train wreck a few months after they preannounced weak earnings. ADPT handled it very poorly. I think you guys here are lucky to have great management and confidence of the market on your side when something like this happens...they will greatly soften this blow and result in a remarkably swift comeback. I would hang in there if I owned INTC (I do not). Good luck to all!!


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