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  • G__O__D G__O__D Mar 5, 1998 2:47 PM Flag

    PDGE 2

    What is the likelihood that INTC B.O.D. will approve or increase company stock buy back with prices at this level. I don't think this company has cash flow problems.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    • Any time a stock, even as strong a INTEL takes a oneday hit like this, some moron who panicked will talk to a scum bag
      lawyer (I apologize to those 6 or 7 honest hard working lawyers) who will file a class action suit against a company stating the
      one day drop was due to INTEL misleading their investors about forecast, etc. and promising toget all their money they lost (by
      foolishly selling in a panic) back. Of course that is on a contingency bases (with about $3000 up front "good faith" money). I predict
      the class action suit will befiled against INTEL with a week or two (the buzzards have the form letters and filings already

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      • When Intel earlier made its forward-looking statements with respect to Q1 results, those statements were accompanied by the
        requiste "meaningful cautionary language." No one can claim to have been misled because the applicable securities laws create a safe
        harbor for forward-looking statements that include the necessary cautionary language. What Intel did yesterday was disclose
        material information, which the securities laws encourage. Intel will not get sued or, if it does, such a suit will be dismissed in
        its earlier stages.

        As for the "buzzards" that you think will soon be descending, I think that they will take the form of wise investors who
        were waiting for this dip to buy INTC. All you fucking morons who bought recently on momentum deserve this glorious day. You
        chose to ignore all those warnings about INTC being overvalued, and you bought on the silly notion that what goes up must always
        go up. I'm waiting until INTC gets back down to the low 60s and then I'll buy. Wealth in the stock market goes to those with
        patience and the discipline not to follow the herd. They say the stock market is a rational pricing mechanism. All I'm seeing today
        is a bunch of poor stupid bastards.

      • Attn: to all wise investors in INTC, sell now and buy the early part of next week, with this failure to meet expectations it is only the tip of the iceberg and the large cap companies will be getting out early in droves vs. the common man investor who could wind up losing his shirt if he holds on to long- reminds me, anybody seen the movie "Titanic", recall who gets off the sinking ship first and who is left to drowned below decks? similar to this scenario!

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