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  • doogiebs doogiebs Mar 20, 1998 6:24 PM Flag


    Thanks for the info. It looks like the data doesn't suggest very much. However, we're close to a support level, which if gets broken, might spell trouble in the near term. I'm not sure if any of the previous prices you quoted were support or resistance levels? If they were, they may be of some predictive value. If not then then they probably mean absolutely nothing.

    I guess we will see next week, which is an important one.

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    • PeckRHead, you ask what would be my suggestion for a beginner's book on stock investing. That's a tough call. It will depend on the reader's level of understanding of basic mathematics, general technical terms and command of the english language. Some books are written so that only a college professor could understand them. Too bad for the rest of us.

      I suggest that the beginning investor flip through the pages of a number of investment books at the local book store and select one that he really feels comfortable with. Start off with one that is easy to read and understand, otherwise you will give up on it and maybe feel that it's all just too much to get involved with.
      Keep it simple and you'll enjoy it and benefit from it.

      Start off with reading the Preface or Introduction of some books you'll find in the investment section of the book store or at the library. If the Preface or Introduction is not easy to understand, put the book back on the shelf and go on to another one. The next thing to check out will be the table of contents. Get an idea of what subjects the book contains.

      Feel good about your selection. Good luck and good hunting.

    • Wednesday March 25, 8:31 am Eastern Time

      Company Press Release

      AMD Chief Financial Officer Resigns

      SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 24, 1998--AMD today announced that
      Marvin Burkett, 56, senior vice president and chief financial officer, has resigned to accept a senior
      position with a non-competing company.

      Burkett joined AMD in 1972 and was promoted to chief financial officer in 1989. Prior to joining
      AMD, he worked at Raytheon Corporation. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a
      master's degree in business from the University of Arizona.

      Richard Previte, president and chief operating officer of AMD, will assume Burkett's responsibilities
      pending the appointment of a successor. Previte joined AMD in 1969 and served as the company's
      chief financial officer until 1989.

      ``In his more than 25 years with AMD, Marv helped put in place financial policies and practices that
      have served the company well,'' Previte said. ``He made many significant contributions during his
      tenure with us and we wish him well in his new position.''

      About AMD

      AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and
      communications markets. AMD produces processors, flash memories, programmable logic devices,
      and products for communications and networking applications. Founded in 1969 and based in
      Sunnyvale, Calif., AMD had revenues of $2.4 billion in 1997. (NYSE:AMD - news)

      World Wide Web

      Press announcements and other information about AMD are available on the Internet via the World
      Wide Web. Type:// at the URL prompt.

      Note to Editors: AMD and the AMD logo and combinations thereof are registered trademarks of
      Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


      Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
      Scott Allen, 408/749-3311 (Public Relations)
      Toni Beckham, 408/749-3127 (Investor Relations)

    • digitaldon>>>Buy, and study, a beginner's book on stock investing......<<<

      any specific suggestions?

    • Ckostas, if you intend to make money in the stock market, this is for you. If you want to see how rapidly your money will disappear, skip this post.

      Buy, and study, a beginner's book on stock investing. Then, after you understand it, buy and study an intermediate's book on stock investing. Then learn about the company you might be interested in. Learn it's history--what it makes--who needs what it makes--who runs it--how strong are it's competitors, etc.

      Chris, most investors will say this is all too much effort to go
      through, and so most investors lose money in the market because they don't have any idea what they are doing.

      You must not follow any advice you receive on these message boards without knowing if the advice is correct, unbiased and knowledgeable. There is no practical way of finding these things out.

      Investing is not a game. It is not a horserace. It's not a question of being luckly or unlucky. It takes work, attention and diligent research by the investor. If this is all too much for you, don't even get started in the stock market. I speak from 11 profitable years of investing experience.

    • i just started buying/selling stock......

      why dont you want to sell at the market price???
      what are the other options to buying and selling???

      any info will help.


    • I gave up on several small sites, because of access problems, unfriendly screens (JBOXFORD), and the sneeking suspicion that they were gouging me on at the market sales. I set up comparisons in duplicate accounts and sold at the market from each. The smaller ones consistently cost me more, so I decided to go with DLJ Direct. Anybody else experience similar.

      I know, I know, DON'T sell at the market, but sometimes it can't be helped.

    • Has anyone that uses suretrade had trouble logging onto their site the last 3 days????

      i have not been able to access my account and i am wondering if anyone else is have the same trouble????

      any suggestions??

      thanks chris

    • Come again now....

      Have you watched APPL's price since December? Up more than 100%! And there is a possibility of a up to a $2 profit this year, which could take the stock to 100 if you go by the numbers.

      As far as what's different, there are many things that are different. Besides the costs that have been taken care off, the
      products reek quality, from the OS which is fast, productive, and stable, to the hardware that flies, and in the summer there will be
      two OSes, that will set standards of stability, power, and ease of use. and all this is happening without a single deadline
      having been missed since early last year! All this has caused many migrations to Wintel in the last year to be curtailed, or
      reversed. That's different. The most recent example of this, which may be an eye opener for those not knowing of these situations
      happening is Colby college's decision to go wintel from all Mac reversed, and becoming a dual platform. What's important about this is
      the reasoning for the decision, and what I believe will be the norm in the future in terms of how the two platforms will
      coexist, and what that means for those investing in such stocks. It's a long read but if you want to know it's here:


      The point someone made about price driving everything vs, speed is true to a degree on the consumer side. But for some markets like video, Web development, etc, speed is the name of the game. Anyone who has sat there looking at a 3D rendering take hours, overnight, or 10 mins even, understands speed at a good price.

      At least you know when something is a "fine" meal, though.

      IT will definitely be fun to watch!

    • He said" Speed sells every thing else smells"

    • Ask Jerry Sanders!!!

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