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  • scenic21 scenic21 Apr 18, 1998 11:39 PM Flag

    mike here is post relative to it but not

    that i was referring to. This guy Sadvol is connected to merrillDebating opinions of one's position in an equity is great. That is what makes this market. If no difference of opinion, no
    market. But man, some of this stuff is, well, childish. Future Geeko, ah never mind. Scenic, man your losing it. Have a drink and
    chill out some. Give us rational reasons why you like INTC short or long term, real reasons. By the way, Kurlak issued a note
    within Merrill saying he did not put a $60 price target on INTC. He does not put a price target on stocks with a netural rating.
    Nevertheless, he is still bearish on the whole sector short term at the least. Looking forward to more discussion of substance!!

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    • Yep. Been thinking about selling my last of IBM shares.
      I think you're right. It was a nice ride while it lasted.


    • Israeli hacker cut off Australia from the world
      Israel, Judicial, 3/28/98

      The Israeli "Analyzer", who is currently being questioned by the
      Israeli authorities for allegedly breaking into Pentagon
      computer systems, faces a new set of suspicions.

      Israeli media reported that Ehud Tannenbaum is also suspected
      of one of the biggest computer break-ins in history. He is
      believed to be behind other unsolved and undisclosed
      break-ins against computer systems worldwide.

      According to those suspicions, Tannenbaum managed to bring
      down the entire continent of Australia's Internet connections
      and cause pandemonium in IBM's computer system. Internet
      provider NetDex California, the first company that suspected
      the Analyzer and brought its suspicion to the FBI's attention,
      said the Israeli intruder is facing further suspicions, including his
      involvement in a series of illegal break-ins of computer
      systems. The FBI, as usual, refused to comment on the report,
      and its officials said it is contrary to their policy to give
      announcements about their investigations before they are
      entirely over.

      Reports from Australia based on a worker for an Australian
      Internet company said the incident took place some months
      ago when a certain program caused traffic and "congestion" to
      the Internet satellite and resulted in a total cut-off of the
      Internet supplier to the telephone satellite chain, which
      connected the continent to the rest of the world.

      Reports from the US and quoted in Israel said the Israeli
      Analyzer allegedly used the same technique to break into
      IBM's computer systems. An IBM worker was quoted as
      saying that he exchange words with the Israeli hacker and
      concluded that the man is "unprofessional." He said he
      aggravated the Israeli intruder, who decided to retaliate by
      clogging IBM's network and preventing thousands of IBM
      workers from being able to connect to their clients and to the

    • Thats a fact, IBM at this point is on the way down. PS Hacked by a high school kid!

    • Assignments of NSM & AMD were profits. Both ended costing around
      19 3/8 (strange). The assignments should bring some additional
      cash...enough to covered one beer<G>.

      BTW, as to killing IBM with Merced. I think this is why IBM is
      helping the little guys (AMD, IDTI and NSM) to fab their chips.
      This was intended to slowdown Intel....if you're lucky it might
      actually speed the development of Merced. Like I said, Intel
      has to run faster and it may choose to run toward Merced instead
      of the Celery.


    • INTC will bounce back. Long term it's still a great investment.

      Manning may have won the heisman but it wouldn't have been worth the price of another beating by the Gators.

    • Or my name isn't MR DUPA
      Please don't lose the faith!

    • he could have won the Heisman. Its defense that wins championships.

    • Here we go again. We finally become civil in our discussion of INTC, and you have to go and bring up Charles W. And you know I'm a Peyton Manning fan. What are we going to do?

    • genuine to me. It did say that he never said $60. price-gave the same reason as you. Gave his age as 46 in id. etc. Merrill vp

      You never know. Alittle later your message showed up.

    • attention and get the ball rolling to 80. CAnt lose a bet like this-four beers-that's my limit.

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