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  • Puck_Stopper29 Puck_Stopper29 May 21, 1998 4:02 PM Flag

    You People Make Me Laugh

    The Odd-Lot Theory - what every the little guy
    does, the big does the opposite. All you buttmunches
    are contrarian.

    All you nipples who are
    Kurlak bandwagoning because the stock is down are fakes.
    It is apparent that everyone is forgetting about the
    Coppermine and Kamati and more importantly, the Merced,
    which will change the processor interfacing landscape.

    Who cares that they licensed out the PII technology?
    The market has been flooded with this and margins
    here are dropping, let the little people deal with it.

    Who is anyone, myself included, to question Intel's
    management? Who knows the industry better than the world
    leader?.......Kurlak, get real. Most of the cornholes on this board?

    Intel has products in the pipeline, the production
    capacity, the relationships, the cash, the innovation, the
    management, the name-brand recognition to remain on top of
    this industry for the forseeable future.

    you bungholes assigning price targets are lost. You
    can't predict the market, just ask Michael Metz and
    Wanyne Angell.

    You buy companies, you buy
    management. You don't buy market trends and

    Just like 1995 all over again. And just like that
    time, Intel will move forward while AMD and NSM get
    left behind and Kurlak will be scratchin his ass
    wondering why he can't slay this dragon.


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    • I agree that Intel is a good company. But why pay
      more than you have to? I'm sure you would have thought
      that buying at 85 a couple of weeks ago was a good
      idea. I say buying at 75 now is better. And buying at
      even lower prices is still better.

      I'm deep in
      margin as it is. I certainly can't justify paying a
      premium price for a stock, no matter how much I like it.
      And the simple fact is, 75 is still a premium price.
      The fundamentals of this stock have NOT improved over
      the last 18 months, they have gotten somewhat worse.
      You could have bought INTC as low as the mid-60's
      (split-adjusted) during the last 18 months. Thus, it seems
      reasonable for INTC to be on sale for perhaps as low as 60
      sometime (maybe only for a day). So I have my limit order

    • I agree that Intel is a BUY BUY BUY. They are
      without doubt one of the 3 or 4 top companies in America
      in the greatest growth market in the world. INTC
      should be in everybody's long term growth portfolio. I
      think even Kurlak would agree with this. His advice
      should only be for the attention of traders and short
      term investors.

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      • but in the meantime I am taking it out on the
        Intel "bunny" I won at the Intel website by throwing
        darts at it! Next time this stock goes up to my target
        I am selling it, since it has become obvious that
        down the road I can buy it back again lower. Intel is
        a trading stock. The only reason I am long in it is
        because I'm stuck in it since I have not listened to my
        own advice and sold it at every run up. I could have
        bought and sold this stock 3 to 4 times in the past 6
        months and made a lot of money, instead by "holding it"
        I am right where I started 6 months or so ago.

    • Thanks very much for a very positive and sane
      approach to Intel. I hope eveyone puts their biases and
      agendas aside and rereads Puck_Stopper29's article. It is
      well thought out and presented. Buy now and make a
      killing later.

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      • Thanks for the reference back to Puck_Stopper29's
        article. Once you get past all the language he does make
        sense. I usually always skip the 4-letter posts for
        obvious reasons.


        I'm new to
        this board so I havn't read many of your posts, but
        tirades between posters dampens the credibility of both.
        Just trying to be helpful and gather well thought out
        opinions and credible info.


      • Thanks for the support. All I ask is that people
        put thought provoking comments here, good or bad.

        Nice to see that other people are clear thinkers as
        well. Best of luck.

        Intel Inside.

    • I agree with you 100%

    • last year, since then I've made 70 % on the

      I may get back in, if it goes below 60 - this stock
      is wayyyyy
      over priced.

      Have a good

      All my love to you longs

      Uncle Bud

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