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  • dwnyse dwnyse May 27, 1998 10:11 PM Flag

    Intel warning soon

    PC manufactures are trimming inventory=Intel is
    building up inventory
    AMD better than expected
    Slow PC sales till Q3 and Q4
    Intel is in trouble
    for Q2 and am not surprised a profit warning to be
    issued in the second week of June

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    • DON'T FIGHT THE TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!It's true I don't like the chart now, however there are excellent reasons to own this stock again....Just not yet.Patience..........

    • I agree with you that Intel trading pattern looks
      ugly,but we live in a monopoly capitalist system,and Intel
      is one of the monopoly technology institutions of
      that system.Intel has real value at a certain point.I
      feel certain Intel will hit its 52 week low.What
      happens at that point? I believe all the professional
      manipulators like Tom Kurlak insert big clients at that
      point.That's how no talent operators like Merril Lynch make
      money by buying monopolies like Intel at 52 week
      bottoms.If Intel's 52 week bottom coincides with a market
      sell-off,Intel may temporarily trade around 65,which would be a
      good entry point.This is a heavily manipulated
      stock--it is really a big league trading stock.If you can
      get in at 65-68 and hold until fall you should be
      able to get out around 80 which is a good run.

    • From a technical standpoint a head and shoulders
      top may have formed (see weekly chart) It's below all
      moving averages except 100 week and short term the chart
      sucks....I'm in puts and short the stock till the chart tells
      me otherwise

    • In infoworld and Lantimes, there are several
      articles in regards to overwhelming support for Merced. HP
      should have a 4 port server that will run multiple OS's
      on the market by EOY. These are powerful machines
      that will obviously enjoy strong market share and
      maintain high margins. A certain individual on this board
      is constantly focusing on the sub1k low margin toys
      that are still entry level. AMD and NSM will have
      nothing comparable to the Merced and it's market support.
      How can Dell grow at it's current rate w/o selling
      the 1k machines? As Dr. Covey said, "no margin, no
      mission." Intel has laid off 650 manufacturing people near
      my home in an unfortunate, but good business move.
      The reduction of the CPQ channels, more powerful
      chips at higher margins, improved manufacturing
      yields(lower manufacturing costs), new markets ie. auto,
      worldwide manufacturing locations(reduce currency
      volatility), and last but not least, a low P/E. The last is
      very arguable, but if the DOJ thinks INTC has market
      dominance, wouldn't you think the P/E would be deservedly
      so? Look at the other market dominators and their
      P/E's. I bought MSFT and INTC when their environments
      were really ugly. I think I paid around 9 a share for
      INTC. Do I sell now? I spent a few weeks in Mexico, and
      I see a whole world that has not yet embraced the
      power of the PC. An engineering friend of mine has
      family in Hong Kong. He's not selling either. The Merced
      will be a huge success. If Internet sales are going
      from a few billion to over 330 billion by 2002, that
      means that the retail channel itself is the next
      "killer app."
      A sincere good luck to all.

      DISCLAIMER: I reserve my right to be wrong.<G>

    • Didn't realize it came out 5/20. 2Q98 EPS revised downward
      from 0.72 to $0.70 price target still at 80.
      Sorry if already posted.

      • 3 Replies to MikeLiuT
      • SO actually, what they tell a week ago, you know
        now ?
        SO you are trading on old information

        Now the clue: WHere can we find most actualised INTC
        revenue information. Beside Kurlak of course....

        am still searching to get the best

        1� Motherboard producer on taiwanese stock market
        They sell very good

        2� PC vendor reports
        actually tell what happens in the market
        CPQ, IBM,
        Dell,HP are doing very well, but profits on PC sales are
        dropping ?

        3� Semiconductor suppliers share should
        tell what semiconductor producer are thinking of the
        Still down...

        4� Market evolution:
        possible oversupply now: think of 130%-150% of the
        good price pressure !

      • The stock is in critical condition at this stage.
        It is trading at 23 times 98 earnings.

        now with a probable earnings warning/lawsuit, it has
        no breathing room. this stock may test

        remember this stock last year was trading at 18 times

        what has this piece of shit done to warrant a multiple

      • Please help me. Does all those 2Q98 EPS include
        the one time charge of Digital's Fab as agreed a
        while back. I think INTC finished the deal this
        quarter. Was that 600 mil or so? I hate those experts when
        they put a spin on things when things go bad or well.
        Please lay it here. Yes or no. And do they subtract
        those from the actual EPS when doing the PE ratio of
        this stock. Thanks in advance.

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