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  • Ganesha_yoni Ganesha_yoni Sep 11, 1998 10:49 AM Flag

    Clinton's Shame

    Started with the raising of a Jewish woman's
    and ended with a Jewish prayer!

    Reminiscent of
    televangelist Jimmy Swaggard's great apology circus, with tears
    flowing from his eyes. Then, soon after that, the fellow
    was caught again with a prostitute, this time asking
    for the prostitute's little daughter for immoral
    acts. Damned pedophile!

    Will Clinton resist
    dropping his pants, next time he meets a Jewish girl,
    another Zionist mole?

    Swamy Ganesha.

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    • A friend who started his consulting business in
      1994 bought CTX laptops for the entire staff in 1997
      (16). Of the 16, 2 arrived totally inoperative, 2
      others had loose or unconnected wiring, 1 had no hard
      drive installed and all 16 lacked the modems he had
      requested and pre-paid for. To date, all have had to be
      replaced or repaired at least once. He's going with IBM or
      Dell once the suit is settled with CTX.

      has had tremendous complaints about quality and
      service for the last 12 months. They, according to to
      some salesmen I've talked to, have taken great strides
      toward improving both support and quality although some
      of the inventory that caused the nightmares is still
      being disbursed through the discount houses. A 266Mz
      AMD would not be numbered among that troubled product
      so you may end up being the benefactor rather than a
      victim of management philosophy. Good luck.


    • 1st subj.
      KathyBrit is probably right, at
      least until
      March. Not short on enthusiasm for sure.

      My earlyer guess is what I'm going to do.
      taken a while to make up my mind, Intel or
      Settled on AMD almost reluctantly.

      2nd subj.
      trish. Main point is you don't have enough
      engineers. As I said I met pleanty of USA guys that had

      the talent but not the degree. Funding is an

      You may very well be right though about USA
      students. I just don't know. Sure you'r not
      expressing "that well cherished view" of no taxes
      "other folks" benefit? This is the one area
      where I
      think a "spend" is worthwhile. The UK is
      happy" to the other extreme

      The overall UK
      position regarding wealth though is
      far inferior to the
      USA. I am the first to agree.

      Lets hope I make
      some money on stocks.

      I enjoyed this board.
      Goodbye and good luck.
      I'm off to AMD land.

    • I worked as an engineer for Sony Broadcast in the
      UK for six years from 1987 to 1994 in a little
      English cesspool of a town called Basingstoke. The
      question my family has today is why on earth did I work in
      the UK so long when I could have been making three
      times as much in the US *and* with far better career
      prospects. The UK is also exceedingly ageist, that is, if
      you are over the age of thirty or thirty-five and you
      haven't made a career for yourself, then in the Uk you
      can forget it. In addition the English tax the heck
      out of you, the homes over there are inferior to any
      other homes in Europe or the US (and are on a par with
      Albania or Macedonia). In short, the only nice thing
      about the UK is the women (if you are a man) and the
      only benefit I got out of living there was my wife.
      BTW the legal system sucks over there too - ever
      wonder why the Irish are throwing bombs?

      From other posts here I understand Intel are employing
      much of the same philosophy as the Uk, hiring mostly
      foreign, contract or shorterm labor, a practice that can
      only be bad for Intel and bad for local area US
      computer professionals...

    • what a lot of Americans do when they receive
      government benefits like you suggested 2 posts ago. They
      become career students.

      I'm not saying that all
      Americans are this way, but I've personally seen a lot of
      abuse of the programs we have had in the past.

      can sit here and bore you with personal opinion
      details as to where American workers stand, but I do want
      to ask this: What nation is the technology leader of
      the world, despite the copy-cat efforts of Asian
      countries in the '80s?

      You just got done critisizing
      the compensation and benefits of UK employers. Face
      it - American workers with degrees wanted it bad
      enough to go for it on their own. And a lot of them did
      it without the help of the government. That's what
      drives this country to its world status - a
      do-it-yourself attitude.

      The success of the Home Depot
      comes to mind.

      The Dish

    • I sense there are another huge market for notebook, simplified student notebook under price of sub$1k. I just do not understand why intel disconnect pentium version of mobile chip.

    • Actually, I bought the store demo.
      It survived
      3 weeks of customer torture without a scratch.
      can't say the same for the Compaq or Toshiba demo
      Also, I left it in my car with the windows closed
      a warm day. At night I pulled it out and it was
      hot from the day's heat. At first it wouldn't
      But after it cooled off, it ran fine.
      This laptop
      has won several awards.
      Just because it looks
      cheap, is cheap,
      and made in Korea doesn't
      that its bad.

    • In a world where laptops are generally considered
      commodities, CRX still stands out as crap. Poor assembly,
      engineering and cheap, bottom shelf components. The
      equivalent INTC equipped laptop would have been worth the
      extra money as you will find our first time you set it
      down hard, accidently drop it 3 inches onto a hard
      surface or require support spoken in English. Good luck,
      you will need it.


    • pal!!

      You earn only a pittance here.
      Place on
      that double taxes. (On average inc
      auto costs etc) It takes a lot of getting
      used too
      after the USA.
      The factory shutdowns, closures, and

      layoff's have hit hard too. It's still

      On the upside the public domain
      shows a possible increase in chip orders.
      i.e the
      end of the belt tightening. Maybe
      premature but
      I'm happy with that view.

      I| liked the 401k
      pension account in the
      USA. Earn't a mint. Pity the UK
      are such crap.

    • Please correct me if I am wrong,
      but when I
      was last in Great Britian (1984),
      the average
      engineer made only half what the
      average American
      engineer made.
      This was not true of France or
      Today, average engineer starts at $40,000
      and quickly
      rises to $60,000.
      Contractors make

    • Don't get me wrong. I am long Intel.
      But I
      just bought a CTX laptop with an
      AMD K6-266 MHz,
      TFT screen, 4GB hard disk,
      32MB memory and V.90
      modem for $1600!!!!
      With Windows 98, you need the
      The equivalent Intel laptop would have cost
      Although AMD's technical support
      was awful at first, I
      have since gotten
      first class support from AMD
      a telecom product using a new line of
      loop circuits (7942) that they make and no
      The chips themselves work great, as does the K6.
      am looking into buying AMD stock
      (after the
      October general correction).

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