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  • tu_compadre tu_compadre Sep 20, 1998 12:21 AM Flag

    VERY interesting! Intel gaining in

    Check this

    Out of 8 of the c|net's select "cheap pc" list, intel
    processors were in 4/8 systems. Of those 4, intel-inside
    machines were in the top 2/8 for performance (both games
    and apps!), and 3/8 were in the top half!! Intel
    kicks k6-2's butt.

    This is very pleasantly (for
    intel longs) surprising data and represents a
    breakthrough for intel relative to just a couple of months

    Now... who do you think dominates c|net's higher end
    "home pc" segment, including performance?? Take a wild

    No offense, but anyone betting against Intel (e.g.
    shorts, amd lovers, etc.) should be sweating bullets!!
    Did anyone see that killer intel roadmap that
    crystallized at the recent Intel Developer's Forum? Man oh
    man, I'll bet Jerry wet his pants!!

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    • bull hottub

      you alreaddy sunk

    • Use your head. Intel has been consistently
      cutting price every quarter since the 386 days. The
      profit margin has never changed much. Why? Every price
      cut always obsolete one low end part and replace by
      another high end part. Don't be concern about PII-400
      will be down to $100 range. People have had the same
      concern with 386, 486 and Pentium. The bottom line is CPU
      business need heavy R&D and capital spendings. Only the
      well-established player can stay in business for long term.

      AMD may have found a hole in Intel's mobil CPU market
      today. It just a matter of time this hole will be
      plugged. The press hype will remain just a hype and won't
      make a dime for AMD shareholders.

    • around and bend over and look through your legs.
      Now you know the difference. Now you can start
      speaking intelligently about the bits of data you do have.
      I say bits because you are only partly correct in
      your data and way off in your analysis. The reality is
      tha Celeron has picked up steam in the low end
      tremendously and is beginning to outpace AMD's K6, but that is
      not where the battle is or will be in the future. You
      will see a maasive push in the market beyond anything
      you have seen with Intel leading the way. Market
      research shows we're mearly in our infancy of cracking the
      digitalization of business and consumer technology. The real
      revenue is yet to come. The battleis not MHz or price.
      Those who sit in that space will be left far behind.
      Their is additional value that intel and others will
      bring as the PC and other technologies become as
      pertainent as the automobile to daily life. Right now it's
      not there. Expect the transition by 2000. As far as
      the Notebook is concerned the issues are packaging
      technology and battery life. No other Si manufacturer has
      the massive manufacturing and packaging cpapbilities
      that Intel has. They have the majority of the market
      inspite of any marketing or programs to support the
      sales. Do some research

    • Ah don't pay attention to those MacJihad Members
      who want to start a Holy War on any stock forum, who
      slag any company that does not deal mostly with Apple,
      and then gets upset when those companies do better
      than Apple or show a decent profit. Then they come on
      the PC Stock Forums and try to short the PC Stocks,
      while bashing PC Technology and Companies on the AAPL
      forum and then claiming it isn't done on other forums.
      When people give them a taste of their own medicine or
      counter their insults, they claim the "other guys" have
      Double Standards, all the while not taking
      responcibility for their own postings and having Double Secret
      Standards that they refuse to admit to.

      It is not
      their fault that they got snagged up by some technology
      cult that forces them to slag all Non-Apple technology
      and companies. :)

    • Notwithstanding gggl and other Intel gloom and doomers, the price action of Intel is telling us that the stock is going higher, not lower. If you are short you are going to be severely punished.

    • But watch out, they are definitely in trouble
      down the road. Intelites are toughting that Celeron A
      is killing AMD K6 sales, yet AMD is selling at least
      30% more units this Q as last. Celeron A prices are
      falling rapidly and it is clear to me that the product
      was not priced appropriately in its initial offering.
      Gateway seems to agree with me and is now selling true
      sub-zero Celeron A based machines. The consumer doesn't
      give a squat about Intel's name in the low end, they
      want price and percieved value. As AMD ramps K6-2 to
      higher MHz speeds Intel margins will get hurt more and
      more. Maybe not this Q, but Q4 is certainly not looking
      rosey. Just note that the recent price decline of
      PII-350's. When the K6-2/400 hits the market soon Intel will
      have to drop prices on the PII-400&450 by at least
      $100-$200. Also Intel is getting some heavy competition in
      the notebook segment which may lead to a breaking in
      the ranks in the business segment.

    • OMBONGO like InTEL

      OMBONGO like Katy

      OMBONGO like Katy Briton dada!

      HAAAAAAAAATE Tom Kulack!

      GOOO INTEL! YAaaaaaY

      She make a good chip!

      Hickey hickey rhyme


      HEY it not having sex wright?

    • I haven't being following the Register link for a
      long time.

      However, I recall getting negative
      comments concerning the
      accuracy of their report from
      more than one source.

      Anyway, I think it's
      based out of UK. It's just another
      source for info.
      The AMD announcement is schedule for
      tomorrow. If
      AMD can move the K6-2/300 into the mobile
      it should help with the bottom line. Unlike
      desktops (15% growth), the laptops are projected to grow
      at 50%.

      What Cyrix did to the sub $1K PC, AMD
      should be able to do
      with the laptops and notebooks.

      I checked the price for a PII 300
      vs. a K6-2/300
      is almost 96% price difference.
      This is even without the special
      slot 1


    • Amen, I thought it was only me that lost money on NSM.

      I checked out your Register link and I don't buy too much into it. It's worked well for you? Helping to time Intel?

    • Dead money was from the perspective of long term
      not for traders. BTW, I made almost 6 digits on Intel
      AMD trades during the same periord. NSM I
      can't call worth
      a damn.


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