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  • fingolfen fingolfen Dec 28, 1998 12:07 PM Flag

    AMD bombs Portland Harbor??

    Much like a Super Bowl champion, everyone is
    gunning for whoever is on top. Intel is at the top of the
    semiconductor business, so everyone has been gunning for them.
    Many people are currently talking about AMD as the
    heir apparent to the semiconductor throne. K6-3 and K7
    are touted as "silver bullets" to kill the old giant
    (nevermind that AMD and Intel have competed for the last 20
    years or so).

    I see a different scenario. I
    liken AMD's release of K6-3 and K7 to the Japanese
    attack on Pearl Harbor. It will give AMD six months or a
    year to run rampant, but it will also awaken Intel.
    When a company as dedicated to quality as Intel is
    becomes "motivated," the results are usually spectacular.
    The last time this happened was circa 1992-3 with the
    release of the Power PC. At 75MHz the IBM and Mac chips
    had roughly 25% better performance than the Intel
    chips. No 100MHz chips waited in the wings. Andy Grove
    therefore declares "war." A ramp is pulled in by a year. In
    short order new 90, 100, 120, 133 and eventually 150MHz
    chips hit the market and the IBM/Mac threat vaporizes.

    This time the threat comes from someone else, AMD. So
    what happens? So far, the Celeron 400 release has been
    advanced by four months. Other, more spectacular,
    advancements of schedule can be expected.

    How much you
    wanna bet that Intel is trying to pull in the 0.18
    micron ramp (or may even already have material running)?
    If they are, AMD has six months, maybe a year, to
    shine. Intel stock could dip 1H 99, but 2H99 get ready
    for lift off. Intel's 0.18 micron process is going to
    allow the release of processors which will absolutely
    bury anything AMD has announced.

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    • FUCK YOU ya twit!

    • eom

    • what a guy..

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    • Truely a reflection of lack of confidence in the
      execution to a plan, again a reflection of the past. I
      agree that there has been a very cautious dealings in
      both the "in-money" and "out-money" calls. (I am
      covering my postions). Will have to wait and see. The
      indications are to look for a couple of quarters for a trend
      to establish befor serious money would come in. But
      as you had suggested that's how INTC started. Hope
      this is an another find.
      Happy New-Year

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    • i hope you don't kiss your mother with that mouth

    • "They paid ZDnet to create a new benchmark called
      Winstone99 that favors a processor with more on-board L2

      Watching too much X-Files there? Again, the only
      benchmarks that I've seen that show AMD chips ahead are
      *clearly* guilty of the "sin" you're accusing Intel of...

    • Please, whisper some more.

      I guess we INTC
      bulls don't want to be greedy, we'll gladly accept the
      50% plus annual returns that INTC has and will
      provide in the future on our investments. I have nothing
      against AMD and wish you luck on your AMD investment. If
      you are short INTC, be careful, I'll bet INTC sees
      $150 long before AMD sees $150.

    • Blair, I don't disagree with the winning ways of
      INTC in the past, nor do I disagree with the
      floundering ways of Mr. Sanders in the past. However I do
      want to see the future of chip companies (Afterall
      market is a disounting mechanism for future and not
      past). I am not going to go through the recent past,
      anywhere from executive change announcements at AMD, to
      the benchmark performance of chips, to the price
      pressure Etc...I am sure you can read them in company
      announcements Etc. Seems like there is a place for AMD in the
      future market and what it is worth. Given your
      observations and recent success I fail to see not holding both
      companies and profit from it. As the old saying goes "not
      marrying to the company" just own ti until it makes money
      for you.

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