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  • lynxunlimited lynxunlimited Feb 28, 1999 4:48 PM Flag

    I must apologize

    In an earlier post, I described intel as a puppy
    making doo doos. The fact of the matter is, it used to
    be one of the best hunting dogs around, but time has
    caught up with it. Blind, unable to control bowel
    movements, arthritic, and crippled. The most humane thing to
    do......well, I'll leave that up to you longs. It's really too
    bad, sad even.

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    • " you just bought pcs with 66 Mhz ". Almost
      missed this one.

      Hey, Chill out, are you still
      mad when I caught you lying on the board the other
      day. You said AMD will have a 1 GigaHertz CPU by June
      1999 and even quoted a link to prove your bogus claim.
      But the funny thing is that you posted the link
      without even reading the details in the article. I did
      and it mentioned that AMD may have a 1 Giga Hertz in
      year 2000, not June 1999. You liar!

      Of course,
      I know the bus is a 66 Mhz, what do you think? What
      do you expect? If you take the Celeron to 100 Mhz,
      it is almost identical to a PII. You don't expect
      Intel to lower the better performance PII chip to the
      level of K6-II. Don't you? Life is tough and it will be
      much easier for you to admit that you lied and

    • Dumb Ass.

    • I also expect the dollar to adjust so we can pay
      off our trade imbalance (deficit) someday with
      cheaper dollars. Also, we'll need it to adjust downwards
      so we can sell some product.

      Our people are
      highly paid compared to most of the world. We are at a
      competitive disadvantage in terms of what people are willing
      to put up with.

      For example, I quit my
      6-figure high tech job because speculating in the stock
      market is equally profitable. Great for me, but that
      doesn't sound like the healthiest of economic conditions.
      Overseas with proper training (which would take years),
      people would do that same work for 1/10th the

      How can the government disallow speculators from
      destroying the economies of other nations? I listened in on
      a CNN economic meeting where capitalism was
      discussed by heads of state and economic leaders. Part of
      the problem is they've got to know when not to accept
      monies that are vital to their infrastructure building
      without certain conditions about its

      Good to talk to you, Big_Juicy_Italian_Sausage! These
      are really the more important issues underlying the
      day to day charts we all are following.

    • You said "Buy AMD PC OK" ?

      My friend and I
      went to look for PCs at Office Depot Sunday and to my
      astonishment find out some details as follows:

      K6-II 350 Mhz, 64MB SDRAM, 4.0 Meg HD, 32x CD ROM, 56K
      modem, 4MB Video RAM and 15 inch monitor for

      HP 6460 Celeron 400 MHz, 96MB SDRAM, 9.6 Meg HD, 32x
      CD ROM, 56K Modem, 8MB Video RAM and 15 inch monitor
      for $1199.97

      With a faster 400 MHz Celeron,
      larger DRAM (extra 32 MB), bigger Hard Drive (extra 5.4
      MByte), faster video card (8MB instead of 4), I think the
      HP computer with 400 Mhz Celeron is a better buy
      than the compaq with 350 Mhz K6-II. We ended up buying
      two HP computers so we can play the Ultima online
      game. I think the competition has really cut into
      compaq's bottom line and I believe INtel will regain the
      market share in the sub-1000 PC markets in February.

    • The PC makers are writing the BIOS so that the
      chip ID does not work...the first shipment of Compaq
      PC's has the original planned's one
      with 96 MB RAM, 12 GB HD, 32x CD-ROM, 8 MB video, and
      a 17 moniter with JBL speakers...for $1999.99 ...

    • While the PIII looks like a lukewarm improvement
      when looking
      at a benchmark, ALMOST NOTHING
      supports the new PIII instructions. That means the same or
      less speed than an equivalent PII.

      AMD's 3Dnow
      on the other hand has over 14 million chips on the
      market. Support for 3Dnow is everywhere, including win98,
      directX6, and virtually all games since Q2 of last

      Further AMD 3Dnow has some neat other tricks up its
      sleave. Instead of relying solely on programmers support
      like PIII, AMD does things like hard wire division
      functions as inverse multiplications!

      division takes a lot longer for a cpu to do than
      multiplication. So AMD hardwired all divisions to automatically
      be an inverse multiply instead. So dividing
      something by 5 actually becomes multiplying by 1/5.. this
      helps for bigtime speed! Also its automatic so ALL
      software written whenever can use it.

      PIII doesnt
      have this. The new PIII instructions are supported by
      almost nothing, and that means programs written before
      today and a lot being written even today dont have
      support for the new PIII instructions. Therefore there is
      no speed boost :(

      AS FOR MY CRITICS: I have
      been posting alot on this board as of late. I admit I
      am not a stock expert, but I do know enough to have
      made quite a bit of money in the last couple years. I
      also know hardware inside and out. I am getting some
      good logical critisism, but some of the reply's I am
      getting are also flaming babble, with no logic or
      cohesiveness. I welcome intelligent critics! But the idiots
      should just keep their mouth shut and learn something.

    • Fact: Intel can ship the chip either

      You can be sure Intel has considered all relevant
      issues to decide which way to ship that'll maximize
      their sales.

      Don't forget about 90% of Intel's
      chip revenue comes from big corporate sales. The PSN
      feature was designed with substantial input and review by
      IT managers. I think Intel is also convinced that
      home PC users will also love the feature when they
      know the facts.

      That's my


    • From what I have been able to glean from the tiny
      bit of real info in all the discussion of the ID, it
      is stored in a set of fuses that must be blown on
      the die, probably at wafer sort using bond pads that
      don't get connected in the packaged part.

      intel has any sense they will follow your suggestion
      and sell both ID and non ID P-IIIs. All it would cost
      them is a few lines of code in the wafer sort test
      program to blow all the fuses or none on some of their
      wafers. They could be ready in the time it takes to ship,
      package and final test parts from wafers that are already
      made. This may be less than a week, I'll bet it is two
      weeks at the outside.

      Then they are heros for
      giving all their customers what they want. They may be
      doing this already and just be waiting to see if the
      current controversy fades away.

    • when I was out today, people were asking for
      Intel Pentium III's, not other product or company. You
      are right, we do have the better product and we live
      in a "keep up with the jones's society" so people
      will always want the newest, the quickest and the
      best. And Intel has the newest, the quickest and the

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