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  • fingolfen fingolfen Apr 13, 1999 1:23 PM Flag

    good internet-play:


    1) Manufacture the K6-2 to high yield
    and bin split: EEEK! Not only did AMD have trouble
    here, but the announced that the problems were fixed
    when, in fact, they weren't. No points.

    2) Ramp
    the K6-3. The K6-3 on low-end applications matches
    the speed of the Pentium III. It, however, can't
    match the 3D / floating point of the P3. It does,
    however, give AMD it's first chip viable for small
    business. Yield has been very low to date because of the
    complexity of the chip (prevailing wisdom is that it has
    nearly twice the number of transistors of the P3, most
    of the difference being in hard to yield cache), and
    the release has been seriously delayed. No points.

    3) Increase market share: AMD continues to gain
    incrimentally in the retail market, though the business market
    still seems somewhat out-of-reach. In a major coup, AMD
    has released faster (at least in terms of MHz) mobile
    chips than INTC. I don't normally do it, but I'll give
    AMD 1.5 points here.

    4) Learn the meaning of
    the word Profit: Major loss this quarter. No points.

    5) Maintain high yield. No points here either.

    So while AMD has a couple of high points, it's
    generally been another miserable quarter.

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