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  • exhaustedallpossibilities exhaustedallpossibilities Apr 13, 1999 2:24 PM Flag

    good internet-play:

    I haven't researched your other points but I know
    that number six is in error. The twenties were not a
    period of high savings or high domestic investment.
    Historians note it as a period when few 'middle class'
    individuals and no lower class individuals saved money.
    'Investment' came from the high end of salaried individuals.
    People did rely on families and relatives to take care
    of them in old age. That's because they didn't put
    money away. That's because they didn't have the extra
    to put away. The stock market crash of 29 was
    characeterized by a world wide depression.
    I differ with
    your other point in number 6. What is fueling the
    economy in the U.S. is the rate of savings which is much
    higher than in past decades, although still low by world
    standards. The baby boomers are socking it away. In bonds,
    in funds, in stocks and even in C.D.'s. That's one
    of the reasons why the market continues to head up
    when reason would indicate that people should rethink
    some of their investments. Employees have 401(k)plans,
    profit sharing plans, 403(b) plans, traditional IRA's,
    Roth IRA's and just plain old savings. Lots of money
    and it has to go somewhere. The problem is coming
    when all of these people start to take the money out
    and are no longer contributing due to retirement.

    Anyway, those are the facts, and I can quote sources.

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