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  • UPDATE_NEWS UPDATE_NEWS Apr 13, 1999 5:07 PM Flag

    INTC @ 58.5 now

    down day tomorrow?

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    • Niles is not wrong again. He said today on CNBC in an interview with Maria no bottom in tech till at the earliest next summer. Look out below Obamabots!

    • for himself.

    • I couldn't have said it better myself! As I have
      said before in my previous posts - I bought March
      5,1998 @$75.625 (pre-split). That was the last crisis.
      As you can see I am still up well over 50%. Couldn't
      help but notice that most of the doom/gloom crowd on
      this board isn't too good at math, and most of them
      can't spell either.

      Good luck & happy


    • are talking about.

      I read a post that says
      the guy hasn't made money on Intel in 15 years. I
      checked: The split adjusted value back to July '86 (it
      didn't go back any further than that) was about $0.80
      per share. That means, folks, that a $1,000
      investment back in 1986 would be worth ONLY $75,000 today.
      Poor bloke.

      I am absolutely amazed at the
      number of people who have 10 20 or 30 grand lying around
      and expect to put it into something like Intel and
      double their money, or more, in less than a week. If you
      think that's investing, you're wrong.

      And then I
      read about the posters who think that Intel is just
      gotten too big, and the chips are too fast and we have
      market stagnation and a million other things to call it.
      I even read where Intel's business model is
      criticized. Sheesh. I don't you people realize that Intel
      does things the way it does because it has to. If
      you're on top, you have to be the leader in innovation,
      speed, design in order to stay on top. You don't get to
      the top by copying someone else. Just take a look in
      the goodwill thrift stores. They are selling
      computers that were donated to them that Intel was making
      the chips for just 3-4 years ago. Innovation is the
      key to staying on top.

      I guess it's true what
      they say about people selling on fear. I bought back
      into Intel about a year ago for $75 a share. They had
      a pull back and I bought in. They then proceeded up
      to 130 or 140 a share, and then split. I'll even buy
      more if the price dips again. In a year I will have
      doubled my money again.

    • The days of monopoly are over. INTC is a good
      company, with a solid technical foundation. INTC has'nt
      done anything wrong. Problem is the other companies
      that are taking a bite out of INTC's breakfast, cant
      be wrong for ever. They (AMD particularly) have
      started getting their act together (finally....sigh!, but
      it remains to be seen if they can sustain the
      Several microprocessor companies are throwing their hats
      in the ring. This only makes it harder for INTC. Can
      still make money off of INTC, but it surely will not be
      like when INTC was at its zenith. More improtantly, do
      you want to spend $2500 and above for a blazing fast
      computer, or do you just wanna get by with a 300MHz
      Celeron. INTC is putting a lot of money into futuristic
      products, thereby playing with the big boys (SUN, IBM in
      the workstation market) and the returns are not going
      to be immediate. So watch out for more quick sandish

    • I think Niles mentioned several times this
      morning that "..we have downgraded the stock..". It
      seemed to me that his hand were tied and even if he held
      good opinions on Intel he couldn't do anything about
      it because of the downgrade. He wanted to be
      positive but he was forced to be negative.

    • I also owned Intel for far to long...sold today
      at $61 and happy I did.

      Dan Niles
      Intel earned 57c vs. 55c, however 2 cents are because
      they sold Broadcom shares. Furthermore, since taxes
      are lower by 0.5 points, it would shave off another 1
      cent, i.e. 54c vs. 55c. That is LOWER than analysts

      Then INTC announces that Revenues are same or lower in
      2nd q.
      What about profits eh ?

      I got out
      cause I am tired of waiting. INTC is a great company
      but if I can make money elsewhere till August /
      September before getting back into INTC, I will do

      Just my opinion (I know that most of you dont care
      about it).

      Good luck to all of you who stay


    • again. Starting to look like overt market manipulation. That boy is going to get his due, for sure.

    • I couldn't beleive what I was hearing this a.m on
      CNBC. The jerk has a right to his opinion but why can't
      there be an apposing point of view. I love INTC but
      think they need to be pro-active regarding some type of
      positive feed back for the masses. INTC is not in the
      habit of responding to press comments good or bad. It's
      a great company but maybe they need to reconsider
      this position. Some good press would not be bad

    • The Dow and Nasdaq are rockethigh. I can't see
      this sustainable in the future.If the market doesn't
      correct now and crazily goes even higher altitude. I
      would expect a crash.That would be terrible for all the
      world. correction now is good for the market ,for the
      whole world.Hence even INTC announced a good report and
      the price is down, I don't see this as a good
      entering oportunity. And does the price going down for
      INTC is the harbinger of market correction or just the
      normal reaction of wall street to INTC's falling market
      share? Any one any thoughts?

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