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  • fingolfen fingolfen May 14, 1999 12:08 PM Flag

    Intel Gamblers, Your Odds Just Worsened

    Which only underscores the point that AMD is a
    good short-term money maker and not a long-term
    investment. I know people like to root for underdogs, and a
    lot more people clearly have one axe or another to
    grind with Intel. They do, however, get results. Look
    at INTC stock over the past 5 to 10 years... There
    are long periods of the stock cycling around a
    central point (sometimes up to a year or year and a
    half), then the stock *doubles*.

    These doublings
    generally correspond to the release (or verified success)
    of a new INTC product. INTC had great sales in the
    2H of last year with the Celerons and the Xeons.
    Revenues went up, and the stock doubled. Now INTC stock is
    in one of those holding patterns. It's perfectly
    characteristic of the stock and the industry. I don't look for
    big jumps in INTC's stock price again until the
    release of Coppermine (and other 0.18 micron chips). That
    makes INTC a poor short-term investment until the
    September timeframe. Consider this, however... In the past
    12 months, I've made 70% on my INTC investment...
    not a bad APR from where I stand...

    consider this: One year ago (the last time INTC stock was
    in the 60's), all of the AMD people were saying that
    INTC was on it's way down... INTC would never hit $80,
    much less $100 again, AMD is the future, blah blah
    blah blah blah... So why is *THIS* time different????

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