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  • GhzAMD GhzAMD May 14, 1999 3:36 PM Flag

    PIII 550 operating temp is way too hot!

    Gateway is now selling the PIII 550 with a
    massive heatsink, a fan built into the heatsink, and the
    case fan was realigned to blow air directly at the
    Pee-3 processor. That is about as ridiculous as a
    Kyrotech system. However, Kyrotech can take K7 to 1GHZ,
    and Intel's flagship is stuck at a piddly 55% of
    that. Slot 1 is basically screwed, and socket 370 is
    even in worse shape. When the K7 is available priced
    less than the Xeon 1MB, but several hundred megahertz
    faster, Intel stock will go lower and lower and lower.
    AMD to 33 in 2 months!

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    • "When the K7 is available priced less than the
      Xeon 1MB, but several hunder megahertz

      ...but given that is another AMD pipe dream and will
      never happen, we don't have to worry about it now, do

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      • There is more to chips than the MHZ speed...the
        Xeon is a workstation and server chip...for
        workstations it has a large cache and great floating decimal
        performance...the PIII is a full feature desktop chip that has
        instruction sets and good floating decimal performance for
        graphics and games...then the Merced is 64 bit which will
        move larger volumes of data even when at lower MHZ
        speed than the 32 bit chips...

        Hmmm...I've been
        thinking...if we go to high volume Celeron Notebooks then we
        can get rid of those little plastic CE things...

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