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  • DEWOR DEWOR Jun 17, 1999 8:31 PM Flag

    58 1/2 closed today open Fri. 59 1/4 ?

    I wonder what really smart guy decided to report
    that CPQ's earnings would be less then expected again
    on the second day of what could have been a really
    sweet rebound for us and the tech market as a whole. I
    swear there is a dark force out there trying to keep
    intel from doing half as well as it should be. Every
    time some exceptionally good news comes out and the
    stock looks like it is going to start dancing, somebody
    drops a bomb on us. From the recent 10billion lawsuit
    setback after chip sales were said to be up significantly
    to today where the market was rebounding from the
    lack of increase in the CPI and the potential opening
    of international trading on INTC but noooooo CPQ
    decides to mention that they suck and still can't figure
    out how to make money. Mind you, both of these issues
    are actually insignificant to Intel but none the less
    the markets always reacts to what is presented as bad
    news. Notice CPQ did not even say sales were down in
    relation to this time last year. More or less they said
    they were simply still recovering from last quarters
    losses because they suck. I think somebody forgot to
    tell them that we could have had as much as a 5 day
    straight recovery in the tech sector of which they could
    have been a part of if it wasn't for there bad
    buisiness timing. Hell, those a**h**es were part of the
    catylist for the markets decline a few months
    back....Grrrrrrr. These guys are harder on us then AMD by far! Who,
    by the way, can't seem to make any money either.
    INTEL is a money maker and I would not be surprised if
    the do not soon see 90 or more. We might event see
    another split in November/December. You shorts better get
    out no later then Friday(And I would be afraid to
    wait that long) because this is your break. They will
    ride and maybe lead this huge wave of tech market
    recovey early next week after all the dust settles from
    the gathering of the horses.

31.93+0.74(+2.37%)Jun 29 4:00 PMEDT