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  • talenthunter talenthunter Jul 14, 1999 10:56 AM Flag


    He seems resigned to tearing down one of the best companies capitalism has yet produced.

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    • I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why
      this stock is going up when all of the news has been
      negative. The only positive news has been the progress on
      Merced (still delayed), but everyone knows that IA-64
      effectively starts with McKinley, not Merced!

      So what
      is it that you know that eveyone else doesn't?

    • 69 by tomorrow. call 70 is looking handsome!!!

    • <EOM>

    • will that make u more happy?

    • Normally I tend to ignore your infantile spam,
      but at least get on the same page as the rest of the
      world if you're going to be mindlessly

      For example: INTC picked up market share in the
      retail segment (and not just a fraction of a percent
      either). It looks like INTC is now back up to 80% market
      share for microprocessors. AMD bet it's future on being
      able to gobble up enough market share with cut-rate
      K6-2's to make up for the miserably low profit margin
      (if they actually weren't selling at a loss... which,
      when you look at the balance sheet, is debatable).
      That gamble didn't pay off. INTC reacted more quickly
      than anyone realized and has started to bite back in a
      major way in the last four months.

      So what about
      the Pentium III? Sales tripled from Q1 to Q3, so much
      for public rejection of the chip.

      already selling chips (i.e. you can go actually BUY one
      in a STORE today) fabricated on their 0.18 micron
      manufacturing process, and has tons of new products coming in
      the next four months. Where's those K7's, even on the
      0.25 micron process (much less on the 0.18 AMD

    • all I see when I come into this room, whether it
      be during lunchtime or at the end of the day, is
      your ridiculous posts! INTC had almost $7,000,000,000
      in revenues in one quarter, their weakest one! I
      guess you make more flipping the burgers at

      ta_kman is right again!

    • Check out the company called U.S. Funding. I
      invested in their private
      offering for Emsanet - A new
      internet service provider. When I called U.S.
      they told me that Emsanet should be a profitable
      investment because
      they only charge $12 a month for
      service, have zero debt, plan to be
      profitable before
      they go public & plans to pay dividends before they
      public. They are selling 1,000,000 shares at three
      dollars and fifty cents
      a share with a minimum
      investment of $3,500. The company plans to go public
      the beginning of 2000 at around $20 a share. You can
      contact them by
      calling toll free (877) 387-3863 or
      you can e-mail them at If you
      e-mail them make sure you give them your
      phone number.

    • Intel could be $96 3 Month, $104 Year end, $500
      in 5 years.
      For 3 Month:
      2.15(Last 12 Month
      Earnig) x 45 (fair p/e ratio) = $96.75
      For Year
      2.32(Earnigs Estimates for Dec, 99) x 45 (fair p/e ratio) =

      For 5 years:
      $65(Current price) x ($65(Current
      price) / $8 (Lowest Price of 5 years)) =

      Intel is better than Microsoft, no DOJ case and lower
      p/e Ratio.
      Intel is better than Cisco, much lower
      p/e Ratio.

    • although intc hasnt skyrocketed like many stocks,
      it will follow the market down in a 3+ day
      correction which may start tomorrow. i suspect intc may stay
      up today but there will be profit taking tomorrow as
      the market sells the cpi news, though it may be good.

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