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  • fingolfen fingolfen Jul 15, 1999 1:15 PM Flag

    INTC on CNBC 19

    Ok... so here's "Fingolfen's Quarterly Report
    Cards." If you scroll back (WAY back), you'll find what I
    indicated would be key issues for INTC in Q2. For those of
    you who don't want to wade through 3 months of posts,
    here they are again:

    1) Ramp and transfer 0.18
    2) Continue to speed up P3's.
    3) Resolve
    the dang P3-ID issue one way or another!
    4) Get
    some decent mobile products out.
    5) On the bubble:
    How long until Merced???

    So let's see how
    they did (with scores of 0, 0.5, or 1 point

    1) New processors with the 0.18 micron process are
    available in your local store today. Give Intel 1 point

    2) Continue to speed up the Pentium III's. The 550
    is out there with the 600 on the horizon, but
    coppermine, needed for anything above 600Mhz has been
    delayed. Give Intel 0.5 points here.

    3) Sales of
    the Pentium III tripled in Q2, and the
    quasi-religious ferver here in the U.S. over the ID has died
    down. China, however, has used it as a convenient
    excuse to apply some economic pressure on the U.S. over
    the spying issue and the unfortunate bombing of their
    embassy in Yugoslavia. This issue seems to be fading a
    bit, so give 0.5 points to Intel here.

    Mobile Pentium II's at 400Mhz are out, and Mobile
    Celerons are competing directly with the mobile K6-2's.
    Geyserville technology for Pentium III mobiles has been
    announced. Excellent response, give Intel 1 point

    5) Merced taped out! A couple of weeks late, but
    what's two weeks as compared to six years...

    Overall a good quarter for Intel. A few annoying stumbles
    here and there, but given INTC's market share is back
    up at or near 80% with higher gross margins than in
    previous quarters, the outlook is positive.

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