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  • Sree0l Sree0l Jul 27, 1999 10:21 AM Flag


    Intel is still dead money IF you bought at the beginning of the year !!!


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    • Check out DRGI..........

      DRGI just
      announced earnings for last year of 17 cents per share and
      the stock is under 20 cents a share!! Check out
      yesterdays news release....Today the stock will probably
      open at 25 cents or higher and go to 50 cents
      tomorrow!!......The company could earn 50 cents maybe this year!!!
      THis stock will rock today!!


      1 week= $1.00
      6 month= $2.50
      1 year= $5.00

    • regarding they are out there to make money off of
      us...which is why I suggest buy the stock and hold it and
      don't sell it until you really need the money. Trying
      to time the market is a good way to lose money.

    • Best and relatively safe deal there is is the Jan
      35 options that are going for $39.5. Because they
      are in the money...if Intel goes from $70 to $90 by
      January..a $20 increase the options will go up by $15.5.In
      other words a 50% increase over 6 months. Same as
      doubling up on margin. The yeat 2001 $35 leaps are $10
      more. Iwould play the 2001 50s...more leverage.

    • Watch for more news.

    • So buying low and selling high doesn't make

      I never said that long term doesn't work. In fact,
      that's exactly how I invest. Pick companies that have
      been around and will be around, Coke, IBM, M$, Intel,
      and buy them whenever you can. Then sell them in 10
      years when you've made a fortune.

      Reread the
      message, the point was simply that the analysts are there
      to help you, they're there to make money off of you.

    • I see where you are on to something all of us
      discover as time goes on.The TV talking heads are usually
      full of air trying to fill in time.The less you waste
      your time listenung to CNBC etc. the better off you
      will be.Solid companies like Intel will find a way to
      keep thier stock increasing in value,since the
      principals in the firm have a big stake in the outcome and
      paranoia anyway.Don't be a market timer but rather be a
      stock picker and stick with your picks.They won'let you

    • If you buy a stock or a company like Intel, you
      will win in the longterm, no matter how many shorts
      cry and whine on this board or spread false rumors or
      no matter how many times CNBC says AMD is
      challenging Intel. If you are a longterm investor you will
      make your money. Your strategy of trading short-term
      will send you out of the house to find another job. It
      is impossible to catch the highs and lows of any

    • Analysts are doing bad things, pump and sell ! They upgrade INTC. After you buy it, they sell it. Sell INTC now, and take some profit !

    • Only damage control, but how will the detract the
      attention from all the benchmarks that show that a 550 mhz
      Athlon would blow away even an 800 mhz Pentium III.
      Another attempt by Intel to mislead their

      Intel's release of the 600-MHz Pentium III next week
      allow them to retain the speed crown. Earlier
      this summer,
      Intel delayed the release of
      "Coppermine," an enhanced
      version of the Pentium III, until
      November. Coppermine was to be the first 600-MHz Intel

      chip. The "standard" 600-MHz Pentium III chip coming
      out next week was quickly added
      to the product
      line with the Coppermine delay.

      "The consumer
      market, where Athlon will initially appear, seems largely
      driven by clock
      speed and price. So the fact that
      Intel has [the new Pentium III] will prevent the

      appearance that AMD has higher-performing products in the
      consumer segment," said
      Mike Feibus, a principal at
      Mercury Research.

      "That's important for Intel
      going forward to prevent that perception from taking
      hold," he
      added. Athlon will run at speeds up to 600
      MHz upon release, although analysts have

      questioned how many AMD can produce in the early months of
      the chip's life.

    • United States population is 273 million - China
      is 1 BILLION 254 million almost 5 times that of the
      U.S.. It is now starting to experiance the Internet and
      it's amazing growth.
      CHINA which is partly owned by
      AOL and Netscape, is being called the AOL of
      It is ending it's quiet period in 9 days and there
      is expected to be 3 to 4 strong buy recommendations
      at that time. With a float of only 4 million
      compared to AOL 790 million and the potential growth, it
      is easy to see why.
      This is a chance to get a
      company that can be bigger than AOL itself, plus with a
      low float look for many splits to come in the next
      few years.
      Look at the history pattern of the most recent IPO's
      with 10 days to go:
      PHCM was at 46 ten days later
      83 = up 37 points in ten days
      GOTO was at 47 ten
      days later 69 = up 22 points in ten days
      HSAC was
      at 18 ten days later 36 = up 36 points in ten
      STMP was at 29 ten days later 52 = up 23 points in ten
      JNPR was at 125 ten days later 162 = 37 points in ten

      I expect even more with CHINA

      All of these
      IPO's went higher after this period, you can check any
      of these charts on Yahoo.


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