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  • mike_eez mike_eez Aug 13, 1999 12:17 PM Flag

    puregrowth/talenthunter: Niles aside...

    don't u just love being long on a stock that
    keeps making one new high after another, day, after
    day, after day...and it will keep doing

    That is the best revenge on Niles & others who
    manipulate and/or conclude wrongly on Intel. Hope not too
    many people lost out because of his recommendations,
    at least it might serve as a learning experience.


    Good luck
    longs, ENJOY this ride!!


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    • you wrote:

      >3. In case if you all
      forgot. There is a little meeting happening on August
      24th its outcome will affect the market either way (a
      lot of money is staying on the sidiline until

      You bring up a number of valid points for not
      shorting INTC. But don't you realize that one of your
      points given for not shorting INTC, is actually an
      arguement FOR shorting it?


    • Intel confirms months-long mobo

      Chipzilla has alerted its distributor and dealer channel to
      a shortage of ZX and BX chipsets.

      In an
      email sent to its channel, the chip giant said: "Due to
      a worldwide chipset shortage on 440BX and 440ZX AGP
      sets, some Intel Branded Desktop Boards may have
      limited availability during the next few months.

      "All 440BX and 440ZX based desktop boards are in
      extremely strong demand. Some current orders and all new
      orders received from Intel authorized distributors may
      have longer than expected lead times."

      mobos affected are the � SE440BX-2, the SR440BX,
      BI440ZX, and the RC440BX, Intel confirmed.

      shortage is obviously pretty serious, because Intel says
      the problem is affecting its entire customer base.

      A chance here, maybe, for its competitors to mop up
      business. �

    • INCREASING volume of INTC trades, towards the end of the day?

      Toooooo much momentum to turn around fast, watch out shorts!


    • I agree that it may come down some, but I think
      the risk/reward ration is not worth it (at least not
      yet). I would rather go long on a few points deeps that
      gamble with a short position. I think that we may stay
      flat ~75 until the feds meeting. Then who

      However, I think it could still be a good opportunity to
      go long on MSFT.

    • Check out the after hours trades at

      This after hours stuff sure is wild. Just
      look at what's happening with AOL and some of the
      other big boys.

      Just type in the symbol for a
      company and see what they're doing after hours.

      This is a really great tool to have on days when the
      market is going crazy or news/ financial statements have
      come out for (INTC)

      Good luck and here's the
      link again:

    • He is a KGB operative with a lot of time on his hands. We've been keeping an eye on him and his "activities". Not to worry...he is harmless.

    • Are you actually stating that your ignorance is
      such that your emphatic statement that an insider is
      shorting 550,000 shares (with the obvious implications of
      expected downside move from the insider)is synonymous with
      your new emphatic statement that just a sale of stock
      is "worse than" your previous statement that he is
      Shorting the stock?
      I don't know if you should be
      barred from posting such intentionally misleading posts
      or simply committed. How much are you paid to post
      such irresponsible garbage?
      If you had any
      credibility whatsoever, it is now totally shot with all of

    • shorting 550,000 cause he doesn't have to buy it

      Note this is a notice that he is going to sell 550,000
      or is now doing so, unlike the great unwashed! The
      ROCK knows best!

      InsiderName Rel # of Shares
      Trans Type Trans Date(s) Trans Price(s) Total Holdings
      Share Type D/I Own Input Date

      TTEE(99 CRT) XDIR 550,000 144 08/04/99

    • Mr. of the original founders of Intel. Unlike a Jerry Sanders Mr. Rock earns every penny he makes. He damm well deserves it!

    • The intentionally misleading info by
      "Your_Shadow_Knows" should be taken from the board and further such
      postings inhibited severely. The posting is dated in July
      and is NOT a short sale as stated of 550,000 shares.

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