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  • Glxy1 Glxy1 Sep 9, 1999 1:21 PM Flag

    Get out of Intel Buy BRNC Braun Consult

    HOT IPO Just Out
    GOING GOING GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • from many sources "BUY INTC", it's going up.
      Nice piece in INVEST.BUS.DAILY this AM.

    • INTC to 100 by 10/13!!

    • buyout/merger!!!

      this company is
      definitely up to something! Chart looks like it is ready to
      i just found out this morning from my broker-
      he says he bought in yesterday. Something is up!

      keep a good eye on it this morning. This is gonna
      bigd is growing at an exponential rate! These
      guys are gonna get bought out!

      with an eps of
      $.81, bigd grossly undervalued at anything under $7!

    • higher this A.M. we are up about 20% since 8/10/99 so we can't complain.We wonder how much higher it can go??


      <Yahoo won't let us link our web site. It is our name>

    • INTC bounced , tested and closed the 85-89 GAP
      nicely and should continue rapidly to 100. After
      earnings expect a sell on the news drop of about 5 points.
      If October lives up to it's reputation INTC could
      visit hi 80s. At which point I will load up on January
      calls again. I expect $120 by January. The
      recommendation of Gruntal & Co. is 110. Many other brokerages
      target prices of 95 to 100.

    • Because the analysts don't want to look like fools not believing Intel's forecast of a STRONG 2nd half. Just wait, they'll upgrade again in weeks to get closer to the real target.


    • AMD's Issues for Q4

      1) Ramp up K7
      production in volume. Keep MHz pressure on Intel as far as
      the 0.25 micron process will allow (debate as to
      whether it's *really* 0.25 or hybrid 0.18 frond-end/0.22
      back end process at this point.. i.e. the fast 0.18
      transistors on a slightly slower back end process).

      Ramp up Dresden and get 0.18 micron in production.
      (Nasty rumors about copper contamination at this

      3) Shrink K7 and get it up to high yield on new

      Comparison with Intel.

      AMD still has a long fight
      ahead of it. Intel has already "made" the 0.18 micron
      conversion and apparently has product at high yield and bin
      split on it. Intel now needs to focus on the *product*
      side (Coppermine will be good, but I think Willamette
      will make both the Pentium III and the K7 look like
      Commodore 64's) as opposed to the *process* side. AMD, by
      comparison, now has to fight it's greatest nemesis: a process
      conversion. Historically AMD has choked when they've moved to
      a new process technology. Quite frankly, they can't
      afford to this time. Intel has a whole process
      generation ahead of it to keep cranking out speed on the
      Pentium III, AMD has to transfer to a new technology to
      get much more than what they have now�

    • Any data on when INTC will split again?

      • 3 Replies to milrosegames
      • My guess is no time soon ... they usually wait until they are over 120, which may be as much as a year off

        The Sigh Cowboy

      • No Data, how can one collect data on prediction
        of stock split.
        anyway my guess, the stock should
        cross 125 or so before Intel will split. A wild guess,
        it could happen sometime in June - July 2000.

      • Ok, so it's a little early, but here's a preview
        of the quarterly report card for INTC/AMD.

        you scroll *WAY* back, you'll find what my issues for
        Intel in Q3 were:

        1) Get 600Mhz Pentium III out.

        2) Fix whatever problems there are with
        Coppermine so current November release date isn't pushed
        back any further.

        3) Keep the pressure up at
        the low end while maintaining high margins.

        Get Merced to the OEM's.

        5) Continue to grow
        other divisions: servers, chipsets, e.commerce, server
        farms, etc. and make them PROFITABLE!

        6) Get as
        many other 0.18 micron products taped out and debuged
        as possible for Q4 or Q1 release.

        So how has
        INTC done???

        1) Pentium III 600 was released,
        and unlike some other manufacturer's products, you
        can actually buy it (with a motherboard and system to
        go along with) in stores. Give INTC 1 point

        2) WOW! Talking about a sleeping giant awakening.
        Instead of the Coppermine part coming out at 533/600MHz
        (as was the original roadmap) it looks like it is
        going to clock in at 667 to 700+Mhz on intro. Intro
        appears to be in October rather than November as well.
        Full points here!


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