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  • fingolfen fingolfen Sep 9, 1999 2:18 PM Flag

    Get out of Intel Buy BRNC Braun Consult

    Q3 *issue* for AMD (again, if you scroll WAY

    "I'm going to dispense with the usual
    list for AMD at this point. Sanders has already said
    that the K6 isn't going to make any money for AMD, so
    here's the skinny: Live up to promises about the K7 and
    gain industry acceptance of the new chip. If point 1)
    fails this quarter: Liquidate assets and close

    So how did AMD do? The K7 is an excellent processor.
    It lives up to all of the hype surrounding its
    performance characteristics. Only one major problem:
    motherboards that actually function are in short supply. It's
    like buying a Ferrari without a

    AMD is alive only because the K7 holds a lot of
    promise. It isn't going to add anything to AMD's Q3
    numbers (which will be abysmal). If they can get
    motherboards out there in the public, they may start turning
    around in Q4, but with the flub on "release," it's going
    to be an uphill fight. If AMD actually had systems
    available in quantity on release (like Intel does), Q3
    would have been much MUCH rosier for AMD, and somewhat
    less Rosy for Intel.

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