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  • Idrive155 Idrive155 Sep 18, 1999 9:24 PM Flag

    TO STK GURU AND FRED/OR ANY WEAKLING own no intel stock.
    b.therefore you have
    no gains. have been watching the game from
    the red seats. hold no job,no
    income. have no cars. have none of the things
    most 5 year intel stock holders
    have and
    enjoy. have police records. are worthless and
    h.i just paid cash for a new 99 vette 6 speed-intel
    3mos profit.

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    • Nice to see some object information posted on the
      thread. Much of what WDR states in their discussion has
      been reported, to a much lesser degree, by the Taiwan
      Economic and Cultural Office in DC. I'm told that this
      Office is the point-of-contact for many companies that
      are seeking a general sense of what has occurred.
      INTC is suppose to have no exposure in Taiwan. TSM,
      which makes integrated circuits for other companies
      withstood the effects of the quake. TSM stock has
      apparently taken a nasty hit, but I don't follow it, and I
      can't verify right now. In general, it appears that the
      general sense of uneasiness in the Market has left it
      open to wild swings. Throw in the normal gloom and
      doomers who prey on people during these periods of time,
      and you get days like today. Best of luck! I have to
      admit that, after Steve Ballmer's remarks today, I need
      to seriously do some research on Linux. Maybe there
      is something to this operating system after all. I
      mean, who am I to question the President of MSFT
      commenting on the worth of his company.

    • Check out the MSFT board if you need a good laugh
      today. People are really giving Ballmer much deserved
      hell over there. Who the hell does he think he is?
      Last time I checked Ballmer ran a software company,
      not a brokerage firm. He should keep his fat, bald
      ass out of market commentary. Ballmer and Microsoft
      screwed millions today, including you INTC longs. I think
      this attempt at market manipulation has backfired,
      though. People are PISSED, talking about lawsuits,
      boycotts, and creative ways for taking personal revenge on
      Ballmer. Glad I'm not in his shoes (covered in the shit he
      stepped in today).

      If you are invested in tech
      stocks, hell, any stocks, you can thank Ballmer for this
      shit. Here's some numbers:

      Microsoft Investor
      Relations (800) 285-7772
      Microsoft Corporate
      Headquarters (425) 882-8080
      Ballmer's Office Fax Line (425)

    • ...don't let all the negs from the lowlifes get to you...there really is a lot to be thankful for.

    • And we'd like to hear you. I know there is a lot
      of noise here. But check message 54793 on this
      board. Don't give up. Just don't respond to the
      lunatics, 'cause they'll always try to bring you down. BTW,
      my email is at If you can,
      anonymously post me. Ciao, and hope to see you around. Yours,

    • Could anyone please give me advice on how much
      performance is lost from going from a PII 366 to a Celeron
      400 in a notebook computer with a 64 bit bus. How
      would these compare with an AMD K6 III 380 on a 100 mhz
      bus? Thanks

    • Where is the "bottom" on your friends in the next
      six months??
      Looks like she is descending to the
      I think it went through its 1983 price today--like
      they say
      "dar she blows." Gurgle, Gurgle!!

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    • from someone who spells dollar "doller" and Taiwan "Taiwain".

    • Friday will be another down day for market as the
      following reasons:
      1)Uncertainty about next week. The
      Doller may continue to drop bellow $100 level against
      Japense Yen, which largely increase the possibility for
      Fed raise rate again in Oct.
      2)The earthquake in
      Taiwain will also pull tremendous money from market by
      Asian investors who are major tech stock buyers as
      Taiwain needs money for recovery (recall last quake in
      Kobe, Japen, money was pull back).
      3)October is
      coming, which usually is bad month for market.
      So keep
      CASH, cash is the KING !!

    • problems you idiot!! And INTC is trading up in after hours trading. Ive never seen such idiots on a post as this one. For those of you stupid enough not to buy INTC on this dip..too stinkin' bad.

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