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  • vbt111 vbt111 Sep 24, 1999 9:36 AM Flag

    Growing business.

    Wed Sep 22 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing,
    Inc. Enters Into Co-Marketing Agreement with Bell
    Atlantic - Business Wire

    Thu Sep 16 EVCI
    Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Enters Into Co-Marketing
    Agreement with We Media, Inc. -Business Wire

    Tue Aug
    17 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Listed
    As One of the 'Hot Picks' in New Book 'Hot Sector
    Investing' - PR Newswire

    Wed July 28 EVCI Educational
    Video Conferencing, Inc. Signs Multi-Year Agreement
    with Merrill Lynch's FSOS Division; - PR

    Tues July 27 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc.
    Signs a Multi-Year Agreement with Atlantic District
    Lutheran Church Missouri Synod; - PR Newswire

    July 22 The New York City Board of Education and
    Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Join Forces - PR

    Mon July 19 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc.
    Expands its Telecommute to College Program to New
    Lockheed Martin Company; - PR Newswire

    Wed July 14
    EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Expands its
    Telecommute to College Program in New York Market; - PR

    Thur July 1 AT&T Corp. and Educational Video
    Conferencing, Inc. Launch Direct Mail Marketing Program to AT&T
    Business Customers; - PR Newswire

    **All of this in
    just the last three months. What do you think will
    happen in the next three months? Get in while you can!!

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    • Here's Niles track:

      Month 1999 2000
      2.19 2.40
      8/25 2.28 2.66
      9/2 2.28

      Here also has INTC at either 25% or 30% growth over
      the next three years depending upon which report you
      read. Should also mention he is at the low end of
      projections. Kumar has INTC at
      INTC at a higher level.
      Edelston has gone to sleep. Not certain Peck even makes a

    • ......

    • NZRO is up on its first day debut... still a CHEAP stock but not for long!!

    • Intel management has high intergrity. If they
      beleive that they will not meet or beat estimates they
      would have had a pre announcement since they were very
      upbeat on the next two quarters during the last
      conference call. This means that they are on track. Last
      quarter results were as they had indicated in the prior
      quarter conference call.

      As for Taiwan problem if
      they had any negative impact they would have released
      such news with the comments on Taiwan sales

      Then you may wonder why all this negative by the
      analysts. The fund managers are getting ready to close the
      books for this quarter.So their target INTEL to take
      profits. The earthquake was just the right oportunity to
      start off the Ha hO to buy back cheap.

      Just my

    • Check it out and see where most investors see DJIA to be at year end. Go to
      www.ICYSPICY. com
      Click on Stocks and you will see polls for DJIA - AOL, YHOO, MSFT, EBAY.

    • I would not argue that the share prices of many
      tech companies are way too high (as measured by p/e

      The author of the note that I replied to was
      trying to compare the p/e of Intel to that of Ford and
      GM. That was what I was objecting too. It is not the
      same and never will be.There is no point in comparing
      the p/e ratios of these companies. The auto companies
      business is impacted by many things that Intel may never
      have to face i.e. fuel ecomomy issues, safety,
      emissions, high labor and raw materials costs, sales being
      very dependant on interest rates, being everyones
      favorite litigation target..........the list goes on and
      on. On top of this the growth rate in the auto
      industry is fairly flat, while the computer market is
      still growing at a nice rate.

      Intel has one of
      the lowest p/e ratios in the "tech" sector. It is
      definately not over valued.

      Good luck in your


    • Now is the perfect entry point in Audible ( ADBL
      ). Just 100,000 stock buyers and the stock will

      No much down direction. They have a great business
      model, good management and great business partners, this
      is an excellent opportunity.

      Check it out for

    • Maybe just maybe, some tech sellers will follow
      CNN Financial's advise on 8/25/99. Comments: Susan
      Lisovicz analyzes small retailers. DG, FDO, DLTR, NDN.
      "Small time retails are the best positioned in the
      market for various reasons. These are small dollar
      stores, or cheap discount stores". "They are immune to
      all economic downturns". "They offer consumables that
      will always be needed like beverages, detergents, and
      soap". "The biggest reason why they do so well is that
      they do not invest in the Internet".

      It's time
      for the stock market to broaden out from Hi-Tech
      towards companies like Ninety Nine Cents Only Stores
      (NDN)! Any questions?

    • csco will be $123.00 in 49 days or sooner. news on the way. News will be better then old news. Rumor csco to buy aol.

    • You got it right. Pick a price and put a GTC in
      between 65-68. I personally bought some this morning. I
      didn't blow my load,so just in case I can avg. down in
      that range. I'm not saying I'm right,but there is *a
      lot* of support in that range. If you haven't already
      I would nibble in this range. Worst case
      scenario,you have a great stock that will give you returns in
      no time. JMHO.

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