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  • hopeofthestars hopeofthestars Feb 20, 2007 1:41 AM Flag

    JBLU - The laughing stock of the travel industry.

    As of 1:30am EST:

    1,542 Articles on GoogleNews about JetBlue's travel problems - including the New York Times, CBS News, Houston Chronicle, TIME, CNN, Money, Forbes, MSNBC, The Boston Globe, Guardian UK, USA Today, Newsday, FOX News, NPR, Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, Bloomberg, Washington Post and more small-town dailies than you can shake lost JetBlue luggage from JFK at!

    55 articles on the founder being "humiliated and mortified."

    2 articles describing JetBlue's service as painful.

    1 update to JetBlue's Wikipedia entry recording the gruesome details of the past 6 days.

    Folks, this has gone beyond being a small, regional problem. Heck, it's not even national any longer. It's getting international attention, and JetBlue is the laughing stock of the entire travel industry, not even the airline industry alone.

    It's gone beyond business sites reporting on the long term effects and worked its way into Leno and Letterman jokes on the TV in the living room (good one from Jay tonight about how even Amtrak spends more time airborne than JetBlue!).

    This is not some small incident that will be easily forgotten. We're at 6 days and counting of mess, people being touched by this from California to Maine and beyond, and no signs of the media slowing down their coverage.

    JetBlue will have trouble staying above the 10 mark when the market opens; it may even test the 52-week low.

    This is going to be treated like a business that's in the midst of a major crisis by Wall Street, and rightfully so after having alienated a huge portion of its customer base and created enough bad PR to wipe out years worth of good will.

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