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  • wellsliq wellsliq May 31, 2008 6:26 AM Flag

    How does LUV do it - MBA Poster Child

    It is funny how LUV has been profitable since the 40's and the analysts on Wall Street just don't get it. They would rather see you fly Code Blue or Xenographic Airlines.

    What do the analysts have against SW?

    Jet Blow is back by Soros - that's a great plus.

    A year or so ago they said SW lost its hedging which was untrue and now they stand in a prime position and has been this way since forevery. What is the
    analysts game? Tell me Jim what is the game?

    SW has all the same planes for now making repairs and maintenance a cinch.
    Also, the safest airline. Also, the most pleasant stewardi except for my last flite last year with them from Ft Myers to Phila - must have been having a bad hair day and the peanuts were extra

    And they pay a dividend. The other airlines don't even know what a dvidend is, but still I wish I had sold and got in better dividend stocks when they were at l7 plus a while back. Was in at 12 so I am still good for the longhaul, but plan to sell at l8, and with all the breastbeating for LUV that is not far off.

    I have noticed that each fall quarter they have some accounting anomalies that are taken in that quarter and the grate analysts drive the stock down. Then miraculously in Feb their numbers are better, and better as the year goes along. Buy in November and sell in Sep that is a no brainer. Just follow the analysts drivel.

    Now they have issued a warning but with all the ace airlines charging for a glass of water and luggage and pets and whatever LUV is going to prosper even more and not have the adversity that they might have projected if any at all.
    Go LUV. LUV you.

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