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  • jrussell823 jrussell823 Aug 5, 2010 10:40 AM Flag

    Loss Triples from year ago Qtr.

    Did anyone really expect to see a profit this qtr? It's no time to run for the exits, this is a speculative stock for risk takers. We're either going to lose it all or skyrocket if there is a breakthrough for Tesla. This is more fun than going to Vegas. I'm riding it all the way to double my money or lose it all! Logical thinkers, quit trying to spoil my fun!

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    • I don't think anyone is trying to spoil your fun! I believe most good people want to know the truth about earnings, revenue, etc. when they make an investment. There are some who invested in this to assist the EV. There are some who invested to make a quick buck thinking the publicity would keep it going up. There are others who once the stock went up and did not make new highs, felt that they could short the stock and make a quick profit just like the loose longs.

      I like to hear both sides of the story and want to hear both sides of the story so that I can make my own decision about investing in a particular stock or not. Granted there are a lot of people who want nothing more than to pump up a stock for a quick buck, or push it down for the same quick buck. I think I can filter out these numnuts on both sides.

      Good luck to you in your investments.

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