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  • longtrader123 longtrader123 Dec 30, 2010 11:42 PM Flag

    Well - I put my Stop loss in at $26.45

    If it open in the red - I will be out. At this level, there is no reason for TSLA to fall any further. $26.45 and I will be out forever.

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    • Long Trader Ono, Glad to see that your skin thickened a little. Many of us on this board have our issues with the social graces but we mean well. We just need to go to group therapy every now and then. Plus, the Holidays. They kind of make you grumpy. I was unable to travel this year so I spent the day studying the lakes and power plants around Temigami.

      You're in at 27.62 and 26.70 and stopping out at 26.45!!!! That is less than 1% slippage from 26.70 and less than 2.5% slippage from the average of 27.16. That is so 10 years ago. This is the era of high frequency trading. You will churn your account like a Kitchen Aid. The futures are flat, the market is thin, volatility is to be expected in AM. Less than 3% slippage?

      No offense, but if you were only going to accept 2.5% slippage in this market then you made questionable entries. You had to be willing to accept a fall back to at least 25.50. If the absolute dollars constrain you, then perhaps a smaller position would have been a better approach. Back up the truck once you are profitable.

      In the current market, unlike 10 years ago, I don't even place stop losses on non-profitable positions. I go it without a net. The MMs will steal it from you in a heart beat. This is why I am so darn careful on the entry. Remember the flash crash? I am either prepared to lose the entire position or I don't buy. I do, however, place tight stop loss profitable positions at 5, 10, 20 (15, 30, 60 margin) percent gains. That is just what I do and perhaps readers may not care about what I do. But, the days of protecting losses at 3% are over in my mind. You can't do that with even with the likes of GE.

      Anyway, I am glad to see that you calmed down and posted again and that perhaps you will hang out with us for awhile.

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