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  • mentalapex77 mentalapex77 Jan 19, 2011 4:20 PM Flag

    Some of you are fools

    to think that this company is going to tank. That would be the only reason I can think of for anyone selling their shares. It couldn't possibly be because some analyst downgraded the stock.
    I sure hope not.

    Electric cars are the future and Tesla is already positioned with the technologies to take advantage of this expanding market.
    I'm sure that the shareholders of Ford that dumped their shares in it's infancy are still slapping themselves right now.

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    • Ivy League schools may open doors but, arguably, Bush League schools may open minds. Institutions that have the luxury of resting on their laurels, may do just that. Parents sending kids to college should look at schools like Ballcoach looks at Tesla. No school gets a free pass.

    • 5 years ago my wife and I were looking down South for a vacation home. We went to Florida, the West Coast, and walked into a sales office at a golf community that was being planned. They wanted us to sign up for a lottery being held the next month that would allow people the opportunity to be selected to bid for parcels. The smug sales agent got through one paragraph when I got up and said to my wife that I'd heard enough. She was just as insulted and we left. I told her, at that moment, it couldn't last. The developer, agents, banks, they were all in on the scam. The bubble was bound to burst and I wasn't going to be part of it. A year or so later, the real estate market began to take the dive.

      Am I a genius? Hardly. I've made a million mistakes. I'll make a million more! But I'm not negative on everything. With Tesla, I've spekn one-on-one with some of their top execs. I asked pointed questions. I came away shaking my head. I'll be the first to say I', all fo alternative fuels. But Telsa? I was convinced then, as I am now, that they are clueless. Their ideas are great if it were a perfect world. unfortunately, that's not reality and they don't have enough money to play the game, pur and simple.

      And the golf course community? Belly-up. Parcels were offered for less than $50,000. No houses were built.

    • Customer Relations Management. It's a tool to record a customer's activity while in a dealerhisp. Name, adderesss, phone #, etc. Salespeople use it as a means to follow up with customers. Likewise, managers use it as a tool to follow up on the salespeople. It's much more involved than what i've noted. But the general definition will suffice.

      There are countless other Internet based tools to manage a dealership from a sales perspective. There are tools that allow you to appraise a trade based on current data in your market. It then assists you in pricing the trade in line with the market. It will also assist you in making sure you provide the best trade "numbers" you can for hot-selling cars in your market. Plus, there are tools that allow customers to communicate with you via emails and get all the info, including a price quote, for the exact car they wish to purchase.

      Not rocket science. But it takes some getting used to.

    • Ok, sounds halfway impressive. So you know a thing or two about a thing or two.

      The chairman of the US Federal Reserve "the Bernanke" slightly misjudged the housing bubble and many many other things.
      Shouldn't he, whom attended Harvard and got a Bachelors & Ph.D in economics, should have known what was coming....hmmm

      I do have to say that their are some everyday folks in the background (people like you, maybe or people like Annamar) that know more about where this country is heading and what to do fix it, then some of our top leaders.

      BTW, what are CRM tools?

    • Doesn't bother me in the least. I feel sorry for those who DO buy your cars, Bud. They have no shot to certify it. YOU lose the sales tax credit (also in the $thousands). And you can't warranty your car to the person who buys is. Or do you, Bud?

      Plain talk? Bud, car dealers want to make what they can. It's no lie. But guys like you? You're in a business that screws anyone. Therefore, you want to be the screw-or instead of what you think is the screw-ee when it comes to anything else.

      But just be a man about it! Don't blame car dealers for what you do every, single, day.

    • Why do you think I'm complaining? I'm just stating the obvious. Auto dealers are what they are. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't. Whichever I think will be to my benefit.

      Why are you so touchy on this? You respond like you are gut-shot over a little plain talk.

      I have never traded in a car. I've always sold it myself. I've had dealers appraise my used car and considered trading it in, but always did better on my own. Now that's a little more hassle, but I've come out $thousands ahead in every instance.

      I've bought many new cars as well. Except in one instance when I was talked into a high end Expedition, I've walked in and bought an ad car. Paid cash, no financing and no trade-in. Sell my own car when it's time. Dealers make money off 1) selling the car; 2)the financing; 3)the trade-in. When you buy the ad car you take 2 of those 3 away. One time I had to go to the Dairy Queen next door and buy a newspaper to show them the ad. I left my paper at home. It saves $thousands, imo.

      But then I know, you are the world's greatest expert, in your own mind. I hope this does not insult your little feelers in some way.

    • Man up already, Bud! You whine like a baby saying you'd rather sell your trade on your own. Then, after saying you're in commercial real estate, you complain about dealers low-balling you?

      Pot. Kettle. Black.

      Average net-to-sales for a car dealer is LESS than 2%. For the amount of $$$$ a dealer must invest, that's not a significant return......even though 2% of net from $50 million in sales is not the end of the world.

    • There it is. Dude cannot be wrong. No reason to consider any other opinions. He knows.

    • Mantalapex, I said , ON THIS BOARD, many times, that I've been in the auto industry, both factory and dealer, for a number of years. I'm not a dinosaur, either. I'm ADP and Reynolds-trained. I use CRM tools. I have a Masters in Marketing. So I know a bit about retail. I also know when I see something too-good-to-be-true. And you son, drank the Kool-Aid.

      I'm predicting what I see. Months ago, also on this board, I said it was insane for Tesla notto take trade-ins. Lo, and behold, this very past week Tesla begins talking about using a 3dr party appraisal service.

      Look, I know this business. I KNOW consumers. I can see what's happening here. You want to ignore, it? I don't care. In the end, like MIKEY and KLANGKY, you'll slither back into the woodwork.

    • Annamaria great post , i agree you are a smart girl!

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